Aftermath’s Story – SWBW #51


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Star Wars Bookworms is back, and we are talking upcoming book releases and the novel Star Wars: Aftermath.

  • Teresa talks about her Funko Star Wars subscription box and how we should all get one.
  • We look at some of the books coming out (or already released) for younger readers including Rey’s Story, Rey’s Survival Guide, and the Little Golden Book based on The Force Awakens.
  • New reference guides coming from Dan Wallace and Pablo Hidalgo! We are pretty excited about these.
  • We discuss and review the novel Star Wars: Aftermath.


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  • SergIntrovert

    The best in Star Wars, as for me – it’s games. Such lovely games. I remember it from childhood. I read this page, here a lot about oldschool games and now days bestsellers.

  • Admiral Petty

    When I first started reading Aftermath I kept trying to convince myself that I was enjoying it. The fact is, I had to force myself to keep reading it. I wasn’t expecting a huge connection to TFA, nor was I expecting something in the vein of Zahn’s Thrawn Trilogy, I just wanted read a good story set in the SW universe with well written characters that I would grow attached to. Instead I got a bland story with poorly written characters who I couldn’t care less about, the only exception being Sinjir who was actually quite likable. The worst sin that a Star Wars story can commit IMO is being boring.

    As time passes and I read other better books in the new canon(Lost Star in particular), Aftermath just looks worse and worse in comparison. Lets hope Wendig can pull it together in the following two books.