Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer Releases Tomorrow!


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will be debuting its trailer tomorrow on Good Morning America!

The movie, starring Felicity Jones, is set just prior to Star Wars: A New Hope, and centers around the rebels stealing the plans to the Death Star.

Story credit to EW.

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  • Zarm

    Holy crap. That’s amazing. We saw (SPOILERS) in (SPOILERS), plus classic stormtroopers, Walkers in ground combat, Rebel troopers in blast helmets- I was almost a little uncomfortable with newer, TFA-aesthetic vehicles and armor in that time period- but they capture SO MUCH of the ANH look perfectly that I think they strike the right balance to get you to accept the look. It’s like… they generate enough credibility to say ‘No, there was totally stuff that looked like this in that time period, just off-screen,’ and you believe it because of how right they were about everything else.

    That was an amazing trailer- and one, for once, that totally felt like it was respecting (and yeah, totally catering to) Star Wars fans and what they love, instead of trying to say ‘now, you will love THIS’! :-) This is VERY exciting.

    • The Star Wars Report

      I really loved the trailer! It had so many call backs, but at the same time a lot of unique shots that I’m really intrigued about! ~Bethany