Star Wars Evolution is coming!


Check out this cool announcement by Topps

Topps is thrilled to announce 2016 Star Wars Evolution is hitting hobby store shelves today, Friday, June 3rd.

This set will take collectors on a journey from The Phantom Menacethrough The Force Awakens as well as highlight character evolutions like Anakin Skywalker to Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker rising from Tatooine farm boy to Rebel Alliance hero and Jedi Knight.

The Star Wars Evolution base set is comprised of 100 cards showcasing iconic characters’ progressions over the Saga. Each base card has 4 different parallels with the Imperial Red Parallel being the rarest, and numbered 1 of 1. There are also 9 short-printed base cards limited to 100 copies for each. These short-prints contain all new images and text.

There are 5 inserts sets to collect found 1 in every 2 boxes. These include Evolution of Vehicles & Ships, Evolution of the Lightsaber, Evolution of Star Wars Comics, Stained Glass Pairings, and the rare Lenticular Morph Cards, found approximately 1 in every 3 boxes.

Each 24 pack box will include 2 hits, comprised of patch cards, autograph cards, and sketch cards. The Faction Patch Cards pair a notable Star Wars figure with a special faction patch created exclusively for Star Wars Evolution. There are also signed versions of several of these patch cards available as well. Over 80 different actors and voice actors appear on autograph cards which showcase the variety of characters they portrayed in Star Wars movies and animated properties. These autograph cards include sequentially numbered parallels and autographed printing plate versions. Signers include Mark Hamill as both Luke Skywalker AND Darth Bane, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and John Boyega. Actors such as Andy Serkis, Clive Revill, Denis Lawson, Stephen Stanton, Freddie Prinze Jr. and Phil Lamarr have signatures appearing for the first time in Star Wars Evolution. Also included are multiple Dual, Triple, and a SUPER RARE Quad Autograph Book Card featuring 4 actors who portrayed the galaxy’s deadliest bounty hunter, Boba Fett.  In addition to the patch and autograph cards, fans can find sketch cards featuring specially commissioned hand drawn artwork from over 40 talented artists.

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