1313 A Look At The Star Wars Game That Never Was- CCC Ep. 055



This week it’s an extra long episode as Michael and Nathan dig deep into the creation one of Lucasarts most anticipated games of all time…


Sadly it was also a game never to be. Join us as we start at the beggining and chronicle the game from its original inception all the way to its untimely demise.

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  • http://kjtenneson.wix.com/greyarea Kimberly

    So, I thought this was really cool, really fun. You guys are being true fans without taking yourselves too seriously. I like it. So I’m adding a link to MY fan site, which is just a social place for fans and SWTOR players. Stop by and check it out if you like, and whatever members I get, I will also direct here.


    Great job, keep doing your thing and as always…’Fly Casual’!

    • Michael Morris

      Thank You so much! We are really having a blast doing these retrospective episodes. Certainly more to come! –M