Celebration Europe: Bringing Legends To Life


As many of you know already, some major news and upcoming releases hit the internet yesterday. From new books, to new characters we have a quick glimpse of some of the things revealed at Celebration Europe. Our Bothans were on the scene when the action first broke out. And while some trailers were seen exclusively at Celebration Europe, the Rebels Season 3 trailer made its way across the globe. We’ve seen many great things introduced to the Rebels show in the past season, but maybe nothing as explosive as what we get a glimpse of in this trailer! And the promise of what’s to come. Check it out!

Beyond this tantalizing glimpse of things to come, we also see some familiarity among the new characters and events coming in the latest season. Mining from Legends elements, the Canon show Star Wars Rebels promises to provide a strong foundation for the new Star Wars universe to build onto as it continues to grow. Once more we find some truth in Legends.

Just touching a few of the Legends inspired elements in short order. (Keep a lookout for Darth Hounds complete shot by shot dissection post to come soon!)

Wedge, and possibly Tycho?

RebelsS3T23 Is that Baron Fel’s 181st coloring? Perhaps the 181st made the jump, or it’s just an elite marking.RebelsS3T22

A YT-2400, not just for the miniatures game.RebelsS3T21

GRAND ADMIRAL THRAWN.  Need we say more?RebelsS3T20  Sabine wielding the Darksaber. Note the vibroblade hilt, another great nod. RebelsS3T17

Light meets DarkRebelsS3T16

Thrawn’s study habits haven’t changed that much.RebelsS3T15

Some Force PossessionRebelsS3T14 Return to Concord Dawn?RebelsS3T12

Dark Troopers!RebelsS3T11     The Bendu Order make an appearance of sorts.  RebelsS3T4

Now there are probably a lot more things that Darth Hound caught, and we are all eagerly awaiting his full report. *updated with link to the trailer breakdown*

Moving along into the realm of Star Wars publishing, as if the reintroduction of Grand Admiral Thrawn wasn’t enough to get you exited, what about if we name dropped someone else of equal, if not more, Star Wars fame?

Timothy Zahn.

That’s right, the man who helped kick off the Expanded Universe as we once knew it, is back! And penning a book that could possibly be the most anticipated novel of the new canon. STAR WARS: THRAWN.


Another fun book on the horizon is James Luceno’s Catalyst, A Rogue One Novel. CatalystOne other reveal was the updated cover of E.K. Johnston’s Ahsoka. Set right after her departure from the Jedi Order as seen in the end of Season 5 of The Clone Wars. Ahsoka_novel_cover

StarWars.com even has additional titles ranging from children’s books to young readers and a U.S. reprinting of a series originally only available in the U.K.. And while some point out, these aren’t the Legends stories many Legends fans, and myself, are hoping to get in addition to the new canon stories. These stories sure make me excited for the new canon story that is slowly continuing to unfold. Thrawn has always been a character who brought back a certain element of fear to the Empire. A leader who could anticipate your every move, before you made it. And seeing him show up not just in Rebels, but his own book is incredibly exciting. Once more he seems to be a power player, no matter the Star Wars universe he is placed in.

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