Rogue One Trailer Breakdown


WARNING: Possible SPOILERS for Rogue One.



The trailer opens with an amazing shot of a plateau city on Jedha. We know now, according to the official Databank entry, that Jedha is “a small desert moon frosted by a permanent winter.”

Jedha was home to one of the first civilizations to explore the Force and is a place of pilgrimage for those who still believe, though it is now occupied by the Empire, who are exploiting it for a secret resource (possibly Kyber crystals to power the Death Star). It is possible that the word Jedi derives from this moon.


The world is coming undone.” – Saw Gerrera

Thanks to the recent EW interview, we know that Clone Wars veteran Saw Gerrera has a bunker hideout on Jedha from which he fights back against the Empire. It is likely that Jyn is seeking his help for her dangerous mission. We also learned that, similar to Darth Vader, Saw’s armored suit is partially for life support, a necessity from his many years of fighting.



Imperial flags reign across the galaxy.” – Saw

The inspiration for this city may be the real world Masada, an ancient plateau fortress in Israel, where a group of Jewish rebels made their last stand against the Romans in A.D. 73.


Can you be trusted without your shackles?” – Rebel General questioning Jyn (rank guessed based on insignia)

Let’s just get this over with, shall we?” – Jyn

At this point, Jyn just wants to get this over with. But she will soon come to take up this cause as her own, especially since her own father may be, or have been, unwillingly involved with the Death Star project.



We’ve a mission for you. A major weapons test is imminent. We need to know how to destroy it.” – Mon Mothma


If you’re really doing this, I want to help.” – Captain Cassian Andor

Though we don’t have any context for this exchange, it seems Cassian may not have been tasked with the same mission as Jyn, but volunteers for it.


The new U-wing taking off from the familiar Yavin 4 base. The U-wing is “a sturdy troop transport and gunship.” Databank entry.


Good.” – Jyn  

Good.” – Cassian

Note that Cassian is piloting. They may pick up Bodhi Rook-former Imperial pilot turned Rebel-on Jedha, his homeworld.


 “I’ve been recruiting for the Rebellion for a long time.” – Cassian

Captured rebel pilots are escorted through the streets of the Jedha city. Cassian and Jyn go unnoticed, for now.


A shot of the U-wing flying through a dark landscape of ominous rock spires. Is this another location on Jedha, or a new environment? More detailed speculation on this location later….


They destroyed our home!” – Baze Malbus

Baze firing on an Imperial facility on this new rock spire environment. Chirrut almost seems hesitant about what they are doing (does he feel the dark side here?). Baze seems to be justifying their actions by his words.

And is that just a metal reflection on Chrrut’s staff, or something else with glowy properties we may have heard of…?

Note that Cassian and Jyn can barely be seen hiding in the foreground of the last picture near the facility.

jyn rain (1)

jyn rain (2)

We also saw Jyn in this rainy environment in the Celebration Reel.


I fight the Empire now.” – Baze

What was Baze before? Bounty Hunter? Mercenary? Riz Ahmed (Bodhi) mentioned “ex-assassins” in an interview with EW right after “warrior monks.” Does he have a bad reputation with the Rebels and needs to explain he has a new cause with guidance from his spiritual friend, Chirrut?


More of the Jedha landscape and the U-wing.


Imperial tank on the Jedha city street and….

Droid head man

A human with a droid head and bottom half, or a droid with a human/synthetic skin torso-complete with hairy arms!? Either way, this is disturbing! You can see the flat, antennae topped “head” move in the trailer, so this isn’t some mirage of the camera angle. Note that this figure was in the original teaser, carefully hidden behind the hooded character.


I fear nothing. All is as the Force wills it.”– Chirrut Imwe

Blind spiritual warrior Chirrut fearlessly relying on the Force as he approaches and fights stormtroopers, helping to free the captured Jyn and Cassian. It is noted in his Databank entry that he has no Force “abilities,” but he must have some sensitivity nonetheless to pull this off. He is my favorite Rogue One character.


“The captain says you are a friend… I will not kill you.”– K-2SO

“Thanks….” Jyn

K-2SO is introduced to Jyn. It looks like they meet up with K-2 on Jedha. Makes me wonder why he is already there ahead of them.

K-2 is a former Imperial security droid who was an “enforcer” for the Empire. Actor Alan Tudyk told EW that K-2 is “fiercely loyal” to Cassian as he is the one who reprogrammed him and set him free from the Empire.


There isn’t much time.”

The Death Star ominously eclipses the Jedha sun.


Every day they grow stronger.”

Director Orson Krennic strides to the Death Star’s view screen overlooking Jedha. Perhaps he will make a demonstration of the current power of the battle station to the assembled Imperial officers?


Rebel fighters disembarking a U-wing onto a beach of Scarif, the tropical planet where the Death Star is being constructed.


Fighting on Scarif, including X-wings.


An exploded U-wing as Rebels run for cover.


Chirrut on Scarif.


More shots of Chirrut, and presumably Baze, saving Cassian and Jyn, with the Imperial tank blasting a nearby building.


From the teaser, we know someone triggered a bomb from that balcony.


There is a 97.6 percent chance of failure.” – K-2SO

K-2 seems a little more calm about their chances than 3PO would, though he does still seem concerned.

Below are more shots of the fight on Scarif.






He means well.” – Cassian

Never tell Bodhi the odds. The former Imperial cargo pilot doesn’t look too comfortable with K-2’s assessment. “Bodhi must gather his courage to bring the battle to the Empire.” – from his Databank entry.


Baze taking down an AT-ACT with his “very big gun.” Where was this thing on Hoth?

The AT-ACT is larger than a standard AT-AT and is made used for “the transportation of heavy building materials or combat munitions.”


This is our chance to make a real difference.”

Jyn trying to get help from Saw, who gives her what may be for him a very rare smile. According to Whitaker in an interview with EW, Saw has a “close,” “powerful” relationship with Jyn. It is possible he was a mentor to her after her father was taken away or killed by the Empire (she has been alone since age 15).

It was also confirmed by Whitaker that we will see Saw with two looks.

Saw Young Old

It is possible that the seemingly younger, bald look is from a “flashback” to when Jyn was younger (there were shots of a young Jyn in the Celebration reel), though in the reel we also see her acting in her current look and age with the bald Saw.

saw jyn young

It is possible things were shifted with the reshoots, so we have no solid context for this look yet.


Hyperspace escape from destruction on Jedha. This is possibly from the (not yet fully operational) Death Star. This big mass of rock could be the mesa city itself falling down on them.


Damaged TIE crashing into Imperial facility on the Rock Spire location.

35 (1)

Jyn limping on a Scarif platform. A TIE rises in front of her.

35 (2)

Pic from Celebration Reel showing an explosion on this platform as Jyn is blown back.


Are you with me?” Jyn

All the way.” Cassian



The Dark Lord returns. Nuff said.

Though these next shots came earlier in the trailer, I’ve saved them for last.


X-Wings attacking the Imperial facility in the Spire environment.

UPDATE: I had originally thought the pyramid shape could be a Sith Temple, however, thanks to Brent Vogt, we now know it is Orson Krennic’s ship… Doh! We still don’t yet know the identity of this planet — unless Brent has another one up his sleeve — but given Baze’s dialogue, it could be a devastated location on Jedha after an attack by the Death Star.


Sith World

The rock spire landscape is still similar to the Moraband landscape–the Sith homeworld as seen in The Clone Wars.

We know that ancient Sith superweapons, such as the Malachor Sith Temple weapon seen on Rebels, were made with large Kyber crystals, as is the Death Star itself.  And in the Season 2 finale of Rebels, Darth Vader says that the power of the Sith temple will serve the Emperor before Ezra and Kanan escape with the holocron.



Until next time, may the Force be with you.

Chris Miller

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