Riley’s Dragon Con Schedule


Dragon Con. It’s the Star Wars Report’s home convention and my favorite annual geek event! I’ll be all over the place this year so here’s the litany of events/panels I’ll be hosting and participating in.

Rogue One & Episode VIII Speculation – Fri 2:30pm; Crystal Ballroom

*SPOILER ALERT* *PURE SPECULATION* We are not insiders. We are not members of the Star Wars StoryGroup. We know what you know, but we’re not afraid to dream & speculate. Who are Rey’s parents? What’s going to become of the Republic? Will Kylo have a new helmet? Where’s Phasma?

Suits, Sinatra, & Star Wars – Fri 10pm; A601-A602

Be dapper. Be classy. Wear your finest to mix & mingle at our retro themed cocktail party. Listen to the classics & a little big band, maybe even swing dance a little.

Shakespeare’s The Phantom of Menace – Sat 7pm; Marriott A706- I’m Playing Boss Nass!!!!

“Dramatic” fan readings of Ian Doescher’s instant classics. Bring your book and read along, or just sit and enjoy the magic of Jar Jar Binks impersonations in Old English. Some volunteers may be chosen from the audience.

Hosting: An Hour with SW Rebels’ Jason Isaacs – Sun 11:30am; Imperial Ballroom

We loved to hate him as Lucius Malfoy, but he terrified us even more as a Jedi temple guard turned Jedi hunter The Grand Inquisitor in Star Wars Rebels. Every time we think his story is complete, we learn more about the mysterious leader of the Inquisitors.

Military & Politics of Star Wars – Sun 5:30pm; Marriott A706

Thanks to The Force Awakens & Bloodline, we saw that life wasn’t just a honeymoon after the Emperor fell. The First Order, Snoke, The Republic, the Resistance–what does it all mean? Our panel of fans will speculate & discuss. *SPOILER ALERT* for the new military thriller Rogue One.

Han Solo Forever – Mon 11:30am; Marriott A706

Scoundrel. We kinda like the sound of that. He’s the lovable scruffy-looking nerf herder who saves the day but always looks cool doing it. The Force Awakens may have been polarizing, but we can all agree that Han Solo is larger than life.

Hosting: The Music of Star Wars – Mon 1pm; Marriott A706

John Williams is the master, and the maestro. He has a way of conveying so much feeling in his music and truly creating iconic memories for all of us. But what did we miss in the subtleties of The Force Awakens’ soundtrack? Our panel of fans speculate on what it all might mean.

Hope to see you at Dragon Con!!!


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