Dragon Con – A Must Attend Convention for Star Wars Fans in 2017


You’ve purchased convention passes for your family. You’re in the process of booking flights and hotel rooms. You’re already planning that side trip to Disney, dinner and late nights with your friends. Whose autographs will you get? What panels will you line up for super early? What new trailers, episodes, and teasers will move you to tears (as they have in the past)? But before you know it, Star Wars Celebration in Orlando Easter weekend of 2017 will be over. Post convention blues will set it hard, and you’ll wonder if you can make the next Celebration (possibly in California or Europe). My fellow Star Wars fans, I’m here to inform you of another convention you should attend in 2017:



Every labor day weekend in Atlanta, Georgia, one of the biggest and brightest sci-fi and fantasy conventions of the east coast takes place. We’ve told you before why you should attend. The Star Wars track is like a second home for Star Wars fans, with programming all day each day, and cool events like the Suits, Sinatra, and Star Wars Party, the Star Wars Costume Contest, the Younglings’ Podrace, the Star Wars Trivia Contest, or the Last Party at Alderaan. Special Star Wars film, TV, and author guests are often in attendance, and I find are usually far more accessible to the fans at the Walk of Fame (autograph hall) and found just hanging out at the convention in general. Every year at Dragon Con I’ve had a blast with my friends, and while Star Wars is my focus there, I’ve enjoyed being able to dabble in other fandoms too (The Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Arrow, The Flash, and many, many more).

Through September 19th, four day passes for Dragon Con are an amazing $80, which may save you up to $50 on tickets purchased later. Take advantage of this great deal now, and you can experience the fun that is Dragon Con.

Asajj will find you if you don’t go to Dragon Con. Photo from the Star Wars Costume Contest, Dragon Con 2016 by Giovanny Güechá.
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