Mark Hamill Revealed Details about Luke Skywalker’s Fate in Episodes 8 & 9


Who’d have thought that a simple bit of facial hair, or lack of it, could reveal secrets of the next Star Wars films?

With so many secrets to keep, it’s hardly surprising that the stars and cast of Star Wars must find it incredibly difficult to keep the lid on plots, characters, and storylines, however they generally do a very good job of keeping mum.

A new look for Luke Skywalker

When Luke Skywalker appeared with a full-on beard in The Force Awakens, it heralded a whole new look for the former galaxy-hopping hero. Six years previously, he’d put himself in self-imposed exile on the Oceanic planet of Ahch-To, the location of the first Jedi Temple, following the destruction of his new order of Jedi by nephew Kylo Ren.

Possibly the most dramatic twist in the film, the fact that he was sought out by Rey, suggested then that he was going to play a much larger role in future films. When she found him after his six years of exile, he was bedraggled, sported a full beard and looked quite unlike the clean-shaven Luke Skywalker of earlier years.


Hamill released video on Twitter

However, Mark Hamill has increased the speculation surrounding the fate of Luke Skywalker via a video on social media in August where he shaved off his facial hair and resigned it to the dustbin. He accompanied the video with a few well-chosen remarks that have set the entertainment world alight as he clearly dropped hints that he would return for Episode IX.

This suggests that he’s (hopefully) not going to come to a sticky end in the next installment, Star Wars: Episode VIII.

The beard came off as part of his show for the Comic-Con HQ streaming network, but his remarks made fans suspect that, while he hadn’t actually seen the skin on his chin since May 2015, he’d once again be growing the beard so that he could reprise the role of Luke Skywalker.

Hamill captioned his video on Twitter with ‘Haven’t seen my chin since May ’15 so #FarewellFacialFur and #ByeByeBeard (at least til #EpisodeIX).

Exciting twists expected in the new Star Wars film

For the latest installment of the saga, Rian Johnson has been tasked with both writing the script and directing the movie. While he’s only just getting to grips with it, he says that it’s the most fun he’s ever had writing, so we can probably expect some exciting twists to the story.

Johnson grew up watching the Star Wars movies, and many of his childhood fantasies involved the Star Wars world, so being able to turn these into a full blown script is a dream come true for the writer.

So is Luke Skywalker destined to ride the skies again in Episode IX? Only time will tell, but there’s another episode to come before that. And if you can’t wait for the next episode, you’ll just have to satisfy yourself with playing free online Star Wars games, and getting tips on how to win from sites such as Casino. I find this website very useful.

Star Wars: Episode VIII is due for release on December 15, 2017 so we have quite a long wait before we see Skywalker in action once again, if indeed we see him at all.

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