Mandalorian Mayhem – Tiya Sircar Talks Sabine in Star Wars Rebels Season 3


A Mandalorian storyline in Rebels Season 3? Tiya Sircar dished on the latest details of her character Sabine’s role on the hit Disney XD show – exclusively on the Star Wars Report!

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 premieres this Saturday at 8:30p.m. ET! Catch the full audio of the interview on this week’s edition of the Star Wars Report podcast!

Riley: We are such big Rebels fans at the Star Wars Report. It’s been such a fun process seeing Season one and two and really seeing these characters evolve. I just want to start straight off with this season. The trailer we just saw, we see such an evolution amongst all the characters and where they are. Talk a little bit about where Sabine is where we left off in season two, and now season 3.

Tia: “Well, I think everyone has been left reeling after season two and what happened with Ahsoka and Vader.”

Riley. I shed very non-manly tears.

Ahsoka vs. Vader

Tia nodded, “Oh my gosh. Yeah, I mean I still think about that moment at the end and get goosebumps. I think everyone was shocked and needed some time. I think that’s why we now see people look different. Ezra’s got short hair and of course,” she laughed, “Sabine changes her look at will.”

Ezra and Sabines new look for Season 3
Ezra and Sabine’s new look for Season 3

Riley: She’s the innovator in this department.

Tia. “Yeah, totally. I think that was a heavy blow to all of us. Who knows what even really happened, I certainly don’t. Even though I’ve tried to find out” she said glancing sideways mischievously.

“We actually had a recording session the day the season 2 finale aired. And I stormed in with all kinds of questions and of course Dave does that thing where he answered in such a way that I thought I had an answer. And then I walked away and I was like that was no information at all. How did he do that? 

Riley: He’s a professional at it

Tia: “That was me. He leads me down a path where I’m like ‘yeah I’m getting it out of him’ and then I go away and I’m like ‘no, he gave me nothing.’ But so skillfully that I thought he gave me more than I – it’s all a game.” she laughed. “He’s like a magician.”

Riley: He’s like a smiling friendly Palpatine but with the really cool hat. And a very dapper vest today too by the way.

Tia. “Looking sharp!”

Dave Grins, he os delightfully aware that he knows something you dont lol
Dave grins, he is delightfully aware that he knows something you don’t :)

Riley: You briefly mentioned it, you went straight into a recording session right after the season 2 finale. I know for you guys it’s normally a pretty big delay. As you go through the process, how aware are you of what your character is doing and more specifically, what’s that process like, developing Sabine as a character in the recording booth?

Tia: “Well for seasons one and two I was on a very need-to-know basis. I apparently didn’t need to know much. Especially with season 2 I got to know a little bit more. And of course with Dave, nothing is by accident. He knows exactly what he needs to tell us to get the performance that he needs from us. So he definitely gives you what you need, but nothing more.”

“Where in the Season 3 I feel like, because Sabine has so much more to do, and so much more responsibility, he’s giving me so much more responsibility by giving me a bigger picture. An idea of what an overarching, what’s happening now, and what probably will happen.”

“Where in the Season 3, I feel like Sabine has so much more to do and so much more responsibility.”


Riley: And we’re so excited for that, seriously, seeing Sabine’s presence rising and seeing that we’re going to get a lot more from her in Season 3 has us so excited. What can we expect to Sabine to be facing in season 3?

Tia: “Well I think that’s a bean definitely has a lot more responsibility this season. She’s sort of coming into her own. She was always very mature, but now she is assuming a bit more of a leadership position. And she’s got a lot more responsibility, not just responsibility towards the ghost crew. But now he’s got this whole Mando storyline. Perhaps she has responsibilities in other areas of her life that haven’t been a part of her life for a while… She’s got people in her life that she sort of might have to answer to.”

At this point, Tia definitely smiled with a bit of a twinkle in her eye and laughed “I’m like so, super trying to keep this vague.” 

Riley: No! Even from what we’re just hearing now, I’m so excited to see a bit more dimension to the character. That’s what Rebels has done so remarkably well over time. It’s not a formulaic show. You guys are so confident in the storytelling, and the performance.

Tia: “Aw, thanks for saying that.”

Riley. Tia, thanks so much for coming on the Star Wars Report!

Tia. “Thank you so much!”


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