Rebels 304 “The Antilles Extraction” — Ion Cannon #66


Join your hosts Tom, Stephen, and William, along with Matt Rushing from Aggressive Negotiations and the 602 Club, as they review the fourth episode of Star Wars Rebels season three, “The Antilles Extraction,” featuring the introduction of fan-favorite character Wedge Antilles. They also discuss the identity of the mysterious new Fulcrum, which may have been revealed in a pitched-up audio clip from the show.

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  • Kenneth

    Tie Interceptors: Probably those are just a few test models rushed out ahead of building the regular production line. Maybe because of the Rebels using the B-wing last season and someone in the Empire demanding an immediate counter, not knowing the Rebels only had one.

    Death Star TIE’S: In real life, once a major military project like an aircraft carrier has been designed and approved, they stop adding new innovations to the project so it doesn’t create “cascading” alterations to the production – one change causing ten other changes needing to be made.
    Since the Death Star’s been in production for 15 years and under the tightest secrecy, the Navy has probably had the TIE squadrons assigned and kept on the secret construction site possibly for years without upgrades for security purposes.
    The blockade runner’s shields: they lowered the shields so the cadets could dock.
    Sabine called out the sabotage to alert Kanan what had happened since they were only looking at the on the scanners.