The Movie App that Streamlines Your Star Wars Theater Experience


I love going to the theater to see new films. The big screen, the 3D, the surround sound, high quality visuals, and the immersion feel is so nice. It’s a way to be more fully a part of our favorite stories, and it’s a great way to share in those experiences with your friends and family.

But you know what makes me so tempted to just watch movies at our home theater with everyone? The frequently overly complicated process of getting from the idea to see a movie to actually sitting in the theater with friends watching it! Atom Tickets, a start up company that’s created an app for all your theater experience needs beyond just purchasing tickets, helps streamline the theater going process. More information to follow, but be sure to check out the discount and giveaway information below regarding getting your “Rogue One” tickets!

One of my favorite aspects of this app is how easy it is to select what movie you want to see because it’s like the best of Youtube, IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, and Fandango all rolled into one. Trailers, ratings, information about the film, actors, etc. are all available in one place for you to use in making your selection decision. It also has a recommendation setting similar to Netflix based on films you’ve watched. I also like that it almost completely eliminates lines, giving you a VIP like experience. With your special QR code, you get to order tickets and concessions, skip the regular lines to scan your code, pick up your food, and head straight to your seats. But, there’s another part of the movie going process that sometimes frustrates me that’s not just the lines for tickets and concession stands or the extra fees for purchasing tickets online.

It involves people, specifically corralling all my friends and family to go. First the movie has to be decided on as everyone starts Googling for what’s in theaters. The choice may depend on what showtimes the movie has. Speaking of which, who is available when? Oh, it depends on how long the movie is? Hang on, let’s Google that too. By the way, some of the showtimes are already pretty full, and I’m not positive how many seats some of them have left as you can’t buy tickets for every theater online. I guess we can get to the theater early to make sure we get good seats. Or, we could go see this other movie instead since it has a slightly better showtime. Is that worth it though? We should probably stick with the original movie because that’s the one more people prefer to see. Mary can’t go early though, so I’ll get there, buy the ticket for her, and leave it at the front with her name on them. We’ll save her a seat. While we’re in line, Jonathan can go get in the concession line for everyone. Or maybe we’ll be let in to our seats early, in which case we can go one at a time to make sure no one else takes one of our seats. And so on….

Atom Tickets, which I just downloaded, goes beyond just purchasing tickets to provide for a more streamlined and family friendly a theater experience as possible. Let’s examine more of the app’s features.


When looking at the app in my phone, there is an easy to navigate circle that allows you to tap on sorting movies by upcoming, A-Z, what’s popular, and new releases. The UI feels natural, and there’s a drop down menu that is extremely helpful to use for browsing by film or theater, and allows you to do a host of other things. Rallying your friends is probably the feature I am most excited about as that will eliminate the vast majority of the hassle of getting your friends and family members on board with the different movies, showtimes, and theaters. The app is free, and you can find more information about it at their website, and download it at the Google Play Store, or the Apple App Store.


For Star Wars Report listeners and readers only we coordinated with Atom Tickets to get you all a $5 gift of your first Atom Tickets order with the promo code “SWR”, offer expiring December 31st. Use this to plan your Star Wars theater trip and order “Rogue One” tickets and concessions! We will also be bringing all of you chances to win 14 Atom Tickets movie ticket credits, information coming to the website and social media soon, so be sure to follow us here and on Twitter! “Rogue One” tickets go on sale at 9:01 p.m. PST on Sunday, November 27th, so be prepared with the Atom Tickets app to purchase tickets and a great experience for your first viewing of “Rogue One”!

You can find Atom Tickets online:
Google Play Store
Apple App Store

Thank you Atom Tickets for sponsoring this post and providing giveaways and discounts to the Star Wars Report community!

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