Giveaway! Two Movie Ticket Vouchers, Nov. 27


As part of a partnership with Atom Tickets, we are happy to announce part 3 of our 8 day movie ticket voucher giveaways! See below for details on how to win a movie ticket credit you can use to see any movie of your choice, including the upcoming “Rogue One”!


Atom Tickets is a free app that allows you to purchase movie tickets, invite friends to a showtime, and order concessions with just a few taps once you download it for a streamlined, line free theater experience. For more information about Atom Tickets, check out the blog post I wrote about them. On to the giveaways!

There will be a giveaway of two ticket vouchers per day (one to two people per day will win one to two tickets), and the giveaways will be conducted via Twitter, podcasting, or Facebook! The vouchers are for any movie you want at participating theaters including all Regal and AMC theaters, as well as Landmark Cinemas, Arclight, Studio Movie Grill, Silverspot, and more. Stay tuned to our main website for a blog post each day with more detailed information about each day’s giveaway. In the meantime, be sure you’re following us on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribed to our main two podcasts for maximum chances of participating in and winning a giveaway!

November 25th: Twitter Giveaway
November 26th: Live Podcast Giveaway
November 27th: Facebook Giveaway
November 28th: Twitter Giveaway
November 29th: Podcast Giveaway
November 30th: Twitter Giveaway
December 1st: Twitter Giveaway
December 2nd: Twitter Giveaway

In order to enter today’s giveaway, you must do the following:
1. Make sure you’ve liked the Star Wars Report Facebook page, and the Atom Tickets Facebook page!
2. In Facebook, share the following Star Wars Report’s Facebook post: “Giveaway time! Be sure you’ve liked this page, and the Atom Tickets Facebook page and share this post to your timeline for a chance to win a movie ticket voucher! Details here:“.
3. Do the above by 11 p.m. tonight!

If you don’t win, don’t worry! Download the free Atom Tickets app, and get a $5 gift with your first order using the code “SWR”! More information here.

Note: Previous winners of the Star Wars Report 7 day Atom Ticket movie ticket voucher giveaways are not eligible.

To find out more about Atom Tickets, check out their website, and download the app at the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

You can find Atom Tickets online:
Google Play Store
Apple App Store

Thank you Atom Tickets for sponsoring this post and providing giveaways and discounts to the Star Wars Report community!

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