5 Reasons Why “George Lucas: A Life” Is a Must Own for Star Wars Fans


If you’re a Star Wars fan (and if you’re reading this site, there’s a very likely chance that you are), then you might be aware of a brand new book about the creation of Star Wars and the man behind the legend in George Lucas: A Life. Though I previously discussed why this book is an absolute must-own book for Star Wars fans in my review of the release, there’s truly an endless amount of great content to be found within author Brian Jay Jones’ latest offering, so today I’m taking a look at five reasons why this new book is the perfect book for any Lucas fan.


1) George Lucas Showcases the Man You’ve Never Knew Before:

The most impressive thing about Brian Jay Jones’ latest book is that he brings the legend of Lucas to life through character and detail, giving brilliant insight on Lucas through his successes and his failures. Lucas often gets an endless amount of criticism for his final works on Star Wars, such as the prequels or the Special Editions, but Jones manages to balance fan criticisms with a brilliant look at the man himself. He shows that often Lucas’s biggest flaw was being blinded by his own brilliance, and while maybe you still think the prequels are bad, Lucas’s care never diminished for his franchise. The book tackles Lucas through character and an impressive amount of research that is sure to surprise any Star Wars fan. Although it might not change your opinion on Lucas’s prequels, it will give you some valuable insight and an appreciation of their creation.

2) An Endless Amount of Information You (Probably) Didn’t Know

George Lucas: A Life is expertly crafted and painstakingly researched, which offers an endless amount of great information for fans craving to learn more about how Star Wars became the phenomenon that it did. Jones digs up an incredible amount of great research about the creation of the legacy that Lucas created, crafting an emotional and incredible journey that hasn’t yet been spotlighted on this level. Even the most seasoned of fans will find something new and unique within the pages of George Lucas.

3) George Lucas is the Perfect Fan-Service Book Yet

Brian Jay Jones proved his ability to bring pop culture legends to life with his previous book, Jim Henson: The Biography, and his work on George Lucas is no exception. Aside from his ability to chronicle the story of Lucas, Jones is a lifelong Star Wars fan. With his appreciation for the franchise and for the creations that Lucas brought to cinema, Jones brings his endless love to the pages of A Life and manages to balance Lucas’s life through success and failure that will shed new light on the brilliant works of the man who changed cinema forever.

4) It Will Leave You Hopeful for the Future

While George Lucas shows the career of a brilliant man until the slow decline of his company, it will also give you hope for the future of Star Wars (and maybe even Indiana Jones). Lucas never stopped caring for his characters, even though what he thought was helping has been argued to have hurt his franchise, he decided that his characters, and the legacy they created would be better off with The Walt Disney Company. Jones shows that the loss of Star Wars from Lucas was a painful and bittersweet departure, but that Lucas believed in the future of his franchise at The Mouse House. Be as it may, the franchise continues to strive without him at the forefront, but Jones shows that during the dawn of a new Star Wars era, Lucas had faith in Disney for the future of Star Wars, and that will leave you hopeful as well. If The Force Awakens and Rogue One prove anything, the Force with strong with Disney, just as Lucas had faith it would be.

5) An Insight on the Man That Defined a Generation

Above all else, George Lucas: A Life tells the story of a man who changed cinema and influenced a generation of culture (and more) around the world. No matter your opinion on Lucas’s successful if occasionally controversial projects, Lucas has at some point changed your life or brought you enjoyment through the creation of his incredible characters and his influence in modern cinema. Generations of fans and people have been brought together by his incredible creativity and cinematic brilliance, and Star Wars continues to delight generations of children and adults alike. A Life is the perfect look into the man that changed the lives of many across the world, and might just give us a better understanding into exactly how he did just that.

George Lucas: A Life is now available to purchase on Amazon.com and at your local bookstore!

Mitchell Stein is the owner and operator of the go-to Disney fan site on the web, The Mickey Mindset. Visit them online for all things Disney, Star Wars and beyond!

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