One Word Reactions to Seeing Rogue One for the First Time


What’s up guys and gals? Have you seen the new Star Wars film, “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”? I hope you have! On Twitter, I asked fellow Star Wars fans to describe their reaction to seeing the film the first time in one word. Below are their responses!

The initial Tweet with my one word response to seeing it was: “Stunned!”

The very first response I got was: “Floored!” This response was given 3 times.

The rest of the responses are ranked by number of times they were used, and there were a total of 125 responses.

The next response was: “Amazed!” This response was given 6 times.

Then: “Wow!” 5 times, “Vader!” 4 times, “Heartbroken.” 4 times, “Awesome!” 3, “More!” 3, “Satisfied.” 3, “Shocked!” 3, “Speechless!” 2, “Hope!” 2, “Shook!” 2, “K-2SO!” 2, “Ecstatic!” 2, “Tarkin!” 2, “Excellent!” 2, “Nostalgic.” 2, “Powerful.” 2, “Childhood!”

One of the funniest responses was:

The rest of the responses were all given once.

“Astonished!” “Remarkable!” “Astounding!” “Wonder!” “Relieved!” “Breathtaking!” “Wizard!” “Chopper!” “Spellbinding!” “Phenomenal!” “Seamless!” “Best!” “Super!” “Cameos!” “Drool!” “Climb!” “Overrated.” “Death Star!” “Beautiful!” “Awestruck!” “Beaming!” “Impressed!” “Love!” “Complicated.” “Karabast!” “Expanding.” “Awe-inspiring!” “Bruh.” “Gratified!” “Mezmorizing!” “Whills!” “Duuuuude!” “Delighted!” “Wonderful!” “Geeked!” “Inspired!” “Sacrifice.” “Vindicated!” “Brutal.” “Thrilled!” “Rad!” “Jubilant!” “Elated!” “Gut-wrenching.” “Fulfilling.” “BlownAway!” “Again!” “Familiar!” “Grounded.” “Thankful!” “Delighted!” “1977.” “Faithful.” “Life-changing.” “Yes!” “Pleased.” “Awed!” “Impressive!” “Goosebumps.” “Grateful!” “Happy!” “Chilling!” “Continuity!” “Entertained.” “Sobbing!” “Saw!(Gerrera)” “Droiderrific.”

One of my favorites was:

Awwww. This one was just plain touching.

What was your initial response to seeing “Rogue One”?

Bethany Blanton

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