The Maul That Might Have Been… – SWR #259


What would the Darth Maul video game look like? We have more images of the would be Sith Lord’s game, Rogue One additional Easter eggs, Chewie loses his cookies and Plunk loses an arm, all this, and much more! All on this week’s episode of the STAR WARS REPORT!swr-259

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This week’s topics include:

  • Rogue One is about to break $1 Billion (
    • “Rogue One is set to break through the billion dollar mark worldwide, becoming only the 3rd Star Wars movie to do so and the 28th movie to break that iconic barrier. Sitting in 28th place on $987,188,185, the movie has amassed $504,221,149 in the States – only the 7th film to break $500 million.”



  • Gareth Edwards’ Rogue One cameo revealed (
    • “Unlike Daniel Craig in The Force Awakens, you can see Edwards’ face. The next time you watch the movie look closely at the Rebel who launches the Tantive IV with the lever. That’s him. We won’t post a picture of the character here as there isn’t an official image available, bootleg pictures of the scene are being spread around social media.
    • It’s a very quick cameo, but it was a cool one for him to give himself. He’s literally the Rebel who launches A New Hope by setting the Tantive IV on its way.”
  • Marvel’s Rogue One comic will have extra scenes (
    • JODY HOUSER (writer): The comics will definitely expand on what was seen in both Rogue One the film and the novelization. Lucasfilm and Gareth Edwards had a bunch of ideas for extra scenes and character moments that didn’t make it into the film. I’m having a lot of fun playing around with those. Adaptations across different forms of media have always been a great opportunity to explore other facets of the story, and we’re excited to have new material in the Rogue One comic.
  • A lot of talk this week online about the deleted scene of Chewbacca pulling out Unkar Plutt’s arm in The Force Awakens.  Should that scene have been left in the movie?  (
  • Another look at the cancelled Darth Maul game (
    • The artist responsible for these images is is Thomas A. Szakolczay
    • Seems the game was in development at the time Disney bought Star Wars, and ended up being cancelled shortly afterwards after around 12 months of work. It would have been set after Return of the Jedi, with the bad guys you see below part of a “New Empire”, similar to the First Order we now have in this post-Disney Star Wars universe.
    • Darth Talon look alike?
    • MaulGame1
  • Disney’s Star Wars Day at Sea
    • As you enjoy your Caribbean cruise, you’ll be transported to “a galaxy far, far away” for an entire day of fun, including:
      • A deck party featuring Star Wars Characters, music, dancing and fireworks
      • Photo opportunities with Characters from across the Stars Wars universe
      • An onboard version of the Jedi Training Academy, where young Padawans learn lightsaber maneuvers
      • Star Wars-themed games and activities at Disney’s Oceaneer Club and Disney’s Oceaneer Lab
      • Stellar food and beverage offerings
      • Screenings of the Star Wars films—including the latest theatrical release—plus episodes of Disney’s animated series Star Wars Rebels
      • Exclusive themed merchandise
  • And more!

Boba’s Bounty:

  • Mark: K2 woes….
  • Bruce: Re-watching The Force Awakens
  • Riley: Setting up a 24 hour Star Wars Film loop

SPOILER Section:

  • Woody Harrelson says he’ll be a criminal and mentor in Han Solo film (
    • Harrelson next will be joining the “Star Wars” universe, with a part in the spin-off movie about a young Han Solo. Describing his character as a criminal and a mentor, he says he’s delighted to be joining that “amazing world.  All you want is to make good movies, because eventually I’ll be gone and those will still be here,” he said. “You know what I mean?”

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