An Inside Man – PPP #9

Star Wars: Rebels: An Inside Man

Welcome to the Padawan Perspective!


From the ashes of The Star Wars Report’s Original Rebel’s Roundtable, comes the Padawan Perspective, a multi-generational podcast covering the latest Star Wars news and Commentary. From Star Wars Rebels, to the LEGO Freemaker Adventures, to the Live Action films, The Padawan Perspective has a point of view on them all.

In this episode, your hosts, make it a full family fun zone as Jedi Master Mark and two of his three Padawans; Taylor Jade, and Gavin Davis are joined by fellow Padawan Pharaoh and his Jedi Master Berent! Inside Man specs

Key Points This Episode:
  • Review: Star Wars: Rebels: An Inside Man
  • We ask: Does this episode make Kallus more like able?
  • And more!
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