40th Anniversary Black Series Revealed


Four decades ago no one could have guessed Star Wars would take root in pop culture and people’s minds and hearts. Four decades ago nobody could guess that one movie would develop into a saga that managed to keep interests of viewers from 1977 to 2017. Time to celebrate!

Hasbro is celebrating the 40th anniversary of A New Hope with the release of a commemorative twelve 6-inch ‘Black Series’ action figures. Last week they were presented at the 2017 Toy Fair and pretty soon will come out to please all Star Wars aficionados.

Check it out:


The look of these are simply spectacular. These figures look much the same way as they did the years Kenner made them for the first time, including packaging. This is pure, awesome toy nostalgia. Add these to your collection!

The question is how to display these commemorative figures? Hasbro has it figured out. They offer the display packaged together with the A New Hope edition of Darth Vader. This is designed to fit all twelve of the Star Wars main characters in the line. Having them altogether beautifully displayed – that is literally a magic feeling for all of those nostalgic fans, like if you’d won jackpot somewhere in Las Vegas. And if somehow you are indifferent to such geek life pleasures – but wish to feel the happiness at anywhere near the same they do – go and check out some gambling venue: some of the top ones you can find on the website of online casino (NederlandseGokken). It is unlikely that you’ll be able to play sabacc or pazaak, but you’ll certainly will stumble upon something more traditional in our galaxy.

And here is little finishing touch for a story about Kenner Products.

In the year 1978 when Kenner sold empty card boxes with only cardboard figures inside. But this did not stop people from buying them because that pack had a certificate promising them a small piece of that galaxy far, far away.

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