Star Wars Games Worth Revisiting


For those of us that have wanted to become a Jedi or Sith since the original movies, sometimes just watching isn’t enough because we want to be really immersed in the story. Thankfully there are loads of games out there that you can play to get immersed in the Star Wars world while we wait for the next movie!

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga


The Lego series of games takes most serious fantasy films and makes them light hearted. You don’t need to be afraid of Lord Vader in this game, as he’s more fun than frightening. The Lego games are almost like a mime, as none of the characters talk and they all act out the scenes. You’ll see your favourite movie moments being replicated by these animated characters, which give a new twist on this classic franchise.

This is suitable for those of all ages, so you can even use it to get your kids interested in watching the movies. Or you could keep this game all to yourself and experience the action in Lego form, either way works for us.

Knights of the Old Republic

Revan and the Exile

If you ever wanted to feel like a Jedi and make your own decisions in the chain of events then this RPG is for you. It’s a massively high quality game that puts you in the driving seat, with loads of flexibility and missions. It was created by Bioware, the team behind sci-fi adventure franchise Mass Effect, and has a fully formed characters with intriguing back stories.

This has to be one of the most comprehensive looks into the Star Wars universe and the developers have respected the source material while adding their own features too. They’ve had the free reign to create characters and events, which means that this game benefits from their awesome storytelling techniques, it’s pretty much perfect.

Star Wars Slots

Those that like a bit more than bragging rights when they win can take to these games for a chance to win cash too. There are plenty of popular online slots in online casinos that will take you back into these movies for your chance to win a jackpot. They can offer a brilliant gaming experience for fans as well as a change to switch up your luck too.

Star Wars Battlefront


If you don’t want to play as an individual then you should check out this game for intensive space battles. The large scale battles waged in the movies are often overlooked by game developers but this game packs them all into one action filled instalment. Blast some storm troopers, battle it out with other ships and pilot the Millennium Falcon – which is one of our favourite parts of this game.

There’s nothing more satisfying than the large scale action that’s going on in this game, so check it out if you want something bigger than a few Jedi warriors facing off against each other. There’s DLC and all sorts of missions to go on so test this game out for a real thrill ride.

If you can’t get enough of the Star Wars universe then have a go on some of these games to immerse yourself more fully. These are some of the finest creations around and you can experience the action for yourself when you play them.

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(This article is a contributed By Tim Copper)

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