New T-shirts! And Star Wars Court; Dixie Style – SWR #271


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Listener feedback, late night chaos, the inner workings of a Southern Courtroom? And more! All on this week’s episode of the STAR WARS REPORT!swr-271

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  • Nerding out
  • Listener Emails
  • Rumors
  • Spoilers
  • A Southern Courtroom?!
  • and more!

Boba’s Bounty:

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SPOILER/Rumor Section:

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  • Alexis Despland

    you guys should try and get the two writes whoses names got combined on this episode in to the same interview episode. and call it the combined named show. lol

    I adore your southern lawyer bit. are we going to see him again

    also the song in this episode works better with your voice then the bit where you tried to do the next part of your sister song.