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In this episode, Padme almost killed Anakin in the original ROTS storyboards!  Also, we review concept art from the new Han Solo movie, preview the Darth Vader: Year One comic which changes the “Noooooo!”, and discuss Kylo being the fastest-growing boys name!  Bruce Gibson is joined by Scott Ryfun and his Nissan Star Wars car as we cover the news, Boba’s Bounty and more!


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  • Padme almost killed Anakin in ROTS (
    • Padme Amidala spent much of the closing act of Episode III heartbroken, crying and being choked before her untimely death in childbirth.
    • Star Wars creative legend Iain McCaig is the man who designed the characters of Padme and Darth Maul and he revealed his heartbreak at how much was changed from the original script he helped craft with his team.
    • McCaig also told a packed auditorium at The Academy of Art University how Padme was originally going to be far more instrumental in creating the rebel resistance that her daughter Leia would one day lead.
    • Originally, he revealed, Padme was plotting behind Anakin’s back long before her tragic end.
    • He said: “All those love scenes, all those great scenes expressing great love in awkward ways and then he leaves. Moments later, in come the separatists and right behind his back she’s starting the rebellion to overthrow him, because Padme can see he’s becoming a monster.”
    • At the end, Mustafar, when she goes to see him she has a knife in her hands. “She gets off that ship with that knife. She runs up, throws her arms around him. He lets her. She’s got the knife at his neck, she’s going to kill him. He lets her. And she can’t do it. She loves him too much to stop him even though he’s become a monster.
    • “Enter Obi-Wan. Anakin freaks out, kills Padme, well almost. Wouldn’t that have been good?”
    • McCaig explained that Lucas famously demanded that the films were storyboarded with concept art long before he delivered a script.
    • McCaig told the crowd that his art department created a wall covered with art for the the storyboards and Lucas would approve or reject ideas until there was a final story and script for The Revenge of the Sith.
    • He added: “Unfortunately it was not the script that was eventually shot. There were things left out that broke my heart.”Screen-Shot-2017-04-21-at-3.24.30-PM
  • Marvel announced the upcoming Darth Vader: Year One series to roll out June 7th.  It will be helmed by Writer Charles Soule (who did the Poe Dameron comic) and Artist Giuseppe Camuncoli (Amazing Spider-man) on the interior artwork.  The comic picks up right where ROTS left off right after Vader yells, “nooooo!” with him now accusing Palpatine with another controlled “No!”
  • “Could ‘Star Wars Detours’ Finally Be Released Via New Disney Digital Networks?”
    • Last week, we mentioned that a new series called Science and Star Wars is coming to the new Disney Digital Network.  Justin LaSalata of asks if this means we could finally see the release of Star Wars Detours.
  • “Kylo” is the fastest-rising boys’ name in 2016!
    • “Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiered at the end of 2015, and its baby name impact reverberated through the following year. Lots of force-ful names like Rey, Finn and even Jedi saw popularity spikes. But America’s biggest zero-to-60 breakout name was Kylo, as in dark side bigwig Kylo Ren.”
    • According to the Social Security Administration, 238 people named their sons Kylo in 2016, and is ranked at 901 on the top 1,000 list.

Boba’s Bounty:

  • Scott: Star Wars: The Classic Newspaper Comic
  • Bruce: Rebel Rising and Guardians of the Whills


SPOILER/Rumor Section:

  • New concept art of ship designs and costumes from the Han Solo movie found on eBay
  • “Multiple brand new concept art images featuring ship designs and a sketch of Han Solo’s costume from the movie have surfaced on eBay from a person claiming to have been associated with the Star Wars “Red Cup” (Han Solo) project. Hit the jump to see the pieces for sale.”
  • (see Star Wars News Net for photos)
  • Aerial look at a Han Solo movie set being prepped in Fuerteventura, Spain from




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