Solo Fallout – SWR #288


Forces of Destiny on the horizon! R2 sells for 3 million! Lucas runs into TMZ! The Han Solo film- do we need this film? Are all the most recent developments the writing on the wall for the Untitled Han Solo film? All this, and so much more!swr-idea-4


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  • More insight behind the Phil Lord & Chris Miller exit (
    • [Lord & Miller] were in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon but didn’t start shooting until 1 p.m. That day the two used only three different setups – that is, three variations on camera placement – as opposed to the 12 to 15 that Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy had expected, according to sources with knowledge of the situation. Not only was the going slow, but the few angles that had been shot did not provide a wealth of options to use in editing the movie.
    • Meanwhile, Lord and Miller, the exceptionally successful team behind The Lego Movie and 21 Jump Street, were chafing, too, according to a source close to them. There were “deep fundamental philosophical differences” in filmmaking styles, this person says, and the directors felt they were being given “zero creative freedom.” They also felt they were being asked to operate under “extreme scheduling constraints” and “were never given enough days for each scene from the very beginning.”
    • Shortly after the shoot in the Millennium Falcon, on June 20, the world learned that Kennedy – with the backing of Disney studio chief Alan Horn – had taken the extraordinary step of firing Lord and Miller.
    • Some insiders say that while the talent of Lord and Miller is undeniable, nothing in their background prepared them for a movie of this size and scope. These sources say they relied too heavily on the improvisational style that served them so well in live-action comedy and animation but does not work on a set with hundreds of crewmembers waiting for direction.
    • And an editor was fired earlier and an acting coach was hired for Alden
    • Matters were coming to a head in May as the production moved from London to the Canary Islands. Lucasfilm replaced editor Chris Dickens (Macbeth) with Oscar-winner Pietro Scalia, a veteran of Ridley Scott films including Alien: Covenant and The Martian. And, not entirely satisfied with the performance that the directors were eliciting from Alden Ehrenreich, Lucasfilm decided to bring in an acting coach. (Hiring a coach is not unusual; hiring one that late in production is.)
  • Kathleen Kennedy and her 18-year-old daughter, Meghan, post their own BTS photos from the Annie Leibovitz photo shot of The Last Jedi  (
  • Star Wars: Forces of Destiny premieres, Monday, July 3rd on
    • Trailer
    • Toy Line to release the start of August!
    • Rey, Jyn Erso, Princess Leia, Sabine Wren, Padmé Amidala, Ahsoka Tano and others
    • A new short will premiere online each day at 10am PST, culminating with their broadcast debut on Disney Channel, Sunday, July 9th.
  • George Lucas’ Museum of Narrative Art is a GO! (
  • GL is done with autographs!  (TMZ)
  • An R2-D2 that was used in several “Star Wars” films sold for nearly $3 million this week. (






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