Something to Celebrate – PPP #13

Star Wars: Celebration Orlando

Welcome to the Padawan Perspective!


From the ashes of The Star Wars Report’s Original Rebel’s Roundtable, comes the Padawan Perspective, a multi-generational podcast covering the latest Star Wars news and Commentary. From Star Wars Rebels, to the LEGO Freemaker Adventures, to the Live Action films, The Padawan Perspective has a point of view on them all.

In this episode, your hosts, make it a full family fun zone as Jedi Master Mark and his Padawan Taylor Jade are joined by fellow Padawan Pharaoh and his Jedi Master Berent! Along with Bothan Spy Glenn Stein! This episode….SWCO17_Logo_WhiteBackground

Key Points:
  • Rebels Review: None this week
  • We ask: What do you look forward to about Celebration?
  • Taylor met a fellow Fangirl at her dance competition
  • Scum and Villainy Cantina!
    • Disclosure: Berent went to the Opening Week.
    • We have heard first hand reports that the Cantina has gotten much better at providing a solid SW atmosphere since then!
  • Star Wars Celebration Orlando
    • SWCO Correspondent Glenn Stein comes on to talk about the Celebration experience!
    • 40th Anniversary Panel
    • Animated Origins
    • Rebels
  • And more!


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