Twittersplaining Star Wars – SWR #289


We wish Bethany a fond farewell! Talk Forces of Destiny, Pablo and the C-Word! (CANON!), Is Fan on Fan trolling on the rise? When will we get to see the next TLJ Trailer? All this, and so much more!swr-idea-4

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  • We bid a fond farewell to our favorite Founder: Bethany Blanton as she gears up to start the next major milestone in her life!
  • Filoni Tweets about the Bendu meeting Tano!
  • Pablo Hidalgo tweets about the “dreaded C-word”PabloCanon
    • A round of tweets got things going. (July 2)
      • Against my better judgment, about to start a few tweets about the dreaded C-word, canon. But first, one ground rule. This is just my opinion
      • Just my own ideas about it. It is not reflective of any company policy. It’s not a commandment. It’s not a rule. Just an observation.
      • On occasion when asked about something specific, I’ll answer, ‘Canon doesn’t split those hairs.’ What do I mean by that?
      • It means it’s a detail that isn’t catalogued. It’s an increment beneath notice. And stuff like that typically means artifacts of the medium.
      • So, I don’t see there being such a thing as ‘canon dialog’. Because a comic, novel, cartoon, live action version of an event will differ.It’s my way of dodging the who-shot-first horse carcass.
      • All that’s canon is that two people entered that booth, & Greedo died. Reports vary.
    • Follow-up Tweet July 4th :
      • This is all I was trying to say: There are some things canon doesn’t account for, namely the artifacts that come as a result of the medium.
  • What does Fan Hyper-activity look like?
  • What matters to fans defers from fan to fan; case in point, some worry about scars, some worry about styles and mediums. Some don’t worry at all.19787104_1388721654569230_8445253066951333867_o
  • Are trolls on the rise? Or always been there?
  • Surprise!  No TLJ will be at SDCC…Probably because of D23 two weeks earlier.
  • The San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog reached out to Lucasfilm Publicity who confirmed “our presence at SDCC 2017 will be focused on our booth on the convention floor, so there will be no press events or interview opportunities this year.
  • Rumor that there will be no TLJ trailer at D23, but instead will be a behind-the-scenes sizzle reel – Tweet from Steven Weintraub, Editor-in-chief of
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  • Feedback- Paul







Boba’s Bounty:

  • Bruce: Dragon Con prep – I’m going!
  • Riley: Dragon Con – stealing Bruce’s thunder! …and then again for Bethany! (Shameless!)19942790_1398491706879472_9037472507063872441_o
  • Mark: Missed out on a box that had about 10-15 Star Wars Kids books for $3. The lady LITERALLY took it out from under me!
  • Bethany:  Skellig Michael Photo Shoot – EPICNESS-Squared!19693662_926085027534814_8237038267484641746_obethanyRey

SPOILER/Rumor Section:

  • None this week!

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