D23: On The Ground at The Last Jedi Reveal


So I just got out of the Live Action Films Panel and the Star Wars presence didn’t disappoint. The main event was of course the reveal of the behind the scenes reel. It was epic. Take a look:

I wanted to give some additional perspective based off of my experience seeing the event in the room. After waiting in line overnight, on the cold concrete queen hall, I finally found myself in “Hall D23” for the Live Action films panel. Serious shoutout to my line buddies Chris Seekell and Dominic Jones from the Star Wars Underworld. We somehow kept each other entertained… mostly.

Chairman of the Walt Disney Studios Alan Horn offered a brief acknowledgment of the Han Solo Solo film. (no news, clips or reveals) Alan then let TLJ director Rian Johnson take the stage and introduce the cast and crew. Rian offered up that they are currently mixing the film so post production seems to be well on the way.

What struck me about the presentation was Rian’s confidence. Repeatedly thought the conversation it was mentioned how the film was bold, and different. My sense based on his comments was that as writers and director of TLJ, he’s ready to subvert expectations. I believe we’re getting a film which is frankly more daring than the previous Disney-era Star Wars films. It’s really early to tell if any of this is true, but it’s a gut-feeling I have precisely because of the difference between the way the cast is talking about TLJ in contrast Rogue One and TFA.

Amongst my personal highlights of the panel was Rian relating the story of he and Daisy Ridley breaking out into a good old fashioned Irish jig after wrapping filming id Co Kerry Ireland. Also there was a really less than subtle hint that Finn will face off against the (quasi) formidable Captain Phasma. Gwendoline Christi and John Boyega faced each other in a mock fighting stance.

Also Kelly Marie Tran is awesome. Rian called her the “Mr. Rogers” of the cast because of her constant curiosity.

After bringing Mark Hamill on stage and Mark proceeding with a good natured joke about his tendency to misspeak sometimes – Rian mention in full n Steve Jobe fashion that they had “one more thing.”

Cue the BTS reel.

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