Highlights from the Star Wars Rebels Panel – Dragon Con 2017


Dragon Con. It’s my home convention and is THE place for Star Wars fan programing. I absolutely love the amazing panelists, podcasters, volunteers and special guests which make up the Star Wars track (SWATDC) at Dragon Con each year. This year was no disappointment.

Back Home in the Star Wars Room :) (Photo Credit – Bethany Blanton)

At the Star Wars Rebels Fan panel, two very special guests, Tim Zahn and Henry Gilroy gave fans ininsde look at the creation of Thrawn in animated form and some tidbits to look forward to in Star Wars Rebels Season 4. So with out further ado, here are my top 3 highlights from the panel!

1. Thrawn Vs. the Bendu.

Tim gave his insights on Star Wars Rebels’ portrayal of Thrawn facing off against the Bendu in the season 3 finale of Rebels. It was amazing to hear the creator of the character give his own commentary on how the tv show handled the character…. right next to the writer of the tv show.

Gilroy went on to comment that it was going to be ‘hard to top the season 2 finale’ with Ahsoka vs. Vader – but Thrawn as the recurring villain could do it.

My sense is this comment applies ore so to the upcoming season than the last. While Thrawn was definitely a compelling villain, the overall impact on the SW saga was far greater in the season 2 finale. (Just this one Fan’s opinion) I’m thinking Thrawn’s full impact on the core group will come to fruition in the Season 4 finale.

Star Wars Rebels writer Henry Gilroy (Photo Credit – Bailey Scent)


2. This Picture of @ChaosBria

… who moderated the panel asking about #Spacemarried. That is all.

#Spacemarried (Photo Credit – Riley Blanton)

Also Hot Kallus became a topic of conversation.

3. X-Wings!

Seen in beautiful detail in the Season 4 Trailer just released, Gilroy also stated that:

This also fits in to the fact that Gilroy also confirmed that there will definitely be elements of season 4 which will tie in to Rogue One. I think the introduction of X-wings will represent a Turing point in the budding rebellion. 

Also Enjoy some awesome photo highlights of the panel featuring some amazing cosplay! 

Gilroy strikes a pose! (Photo Credit – Riley Blanton)
Barris Offee returns Kana’s phone to him. (Photo Credit – Riley Blanton)
Gilroy talks to fans after the panel. (Photo Credit – Riley Blanton)
Governor Pryce is not impressed. (Photo Credit – Riley Blanton)
Aaron Goins smiling! (Photo Credit – A very pleased with himself Riley Blanton)


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