The Last Jedi – SWBW #84


Everyone is talking about it and now we are too. We have seen The Last Jedi multiple times, and we have thoughts!

Aaron works out his feelings on the Luke Skywalker stuff, Teresa talks about her excitement for darker Kylo Ren, and so much more!

Beware of spoilers, because we talk about every surprise this movie throws at us.





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  • J.A. Miller

    Great episode. I love how you both bring something different and see different things in the stories.

  • Phillip Allison

    This is the first time I have heard someone defend what they have done with Luke’s character and I am honestly floored. Like Mark Hamill, I fundamentally disagreed with every choice they made with this character and I haven’t read a single book from the expanded universe.
    What they have done is taken a well established character and completely changed their personality at the deepest level. Luke had certain core values that were the very basis and motivation for the original trilogy. For Rian Johnson to go against this just shows that he himself has no concept of the fundamental core values that Luke represents in the original trilogy hence Mark Hamill’s disagreement with him.