A Chance to Meet Mark Hamill – Charity Auction


Check out this awesome opportunity to support the US-Ireland Alliance and go to special Oscar party at Bad Robot!

This year, we are honoring Mark Hamill. In past years, we have honored Daisy Ridley and Carrie Fisher. The event benefits an organization in Washington DC called the US-Ireland Alliance. I recognize that there doesn’t seem to be any obvious link between an Irish organization and Star Wars but, JJ Abrams has long been a supporter of the organization so there are a variety of connections through his relationship with the President. All that said, I am emailing because as part of the event, we are conducting an online auction for another 14 days for two people to come to the event and meet Mark and have a photo taken with him. The event is an invite only Oscar party, and his attended by multiple celebrities. It takes place in Bad Robot Studio.
Check out the auction link: http://ow.ly/ldLD30hEf8N
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