Our Place In All This- TWL #265


Finishing off our coverage of The Last Jedi but this time we’re joined by the infamous Steve Glosson of the GOLiverse network!


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  • Jeremy Battaglia

    Just started listening and thuroughly enjoy the deeper analysis. ‘Tis geektastic! I am wondering your thoughts on the return of JJ for the 9th film. I have agreed with most of what I’ve heard pertaining to your thoughts on Rian Johnson and his decision to seemingly blow up the narrative established by Abrams in 7. However, now that Abrams is slated to return to 9, do you think the story telling shall return to the traditional tropes found in the Joseph Cambell type of story-telling that so many Star Wars fans have grown accustomed to; Perhaps, JJ will continue down the “look right before we go directly left” narrative that Johnson threw at us. What say you young Padawans?

    Seperate note – I just started the Thrawn trilogy. After I finish, what “Legends” story would you recommend next?