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  • Aphra Down – SWBW #74

    Vader Down

    It’s an all comics episode of Star Wars Bookworms! Except for that part where we talk about The Last Jedi. Vanity Fair released some really cool images from The Last Jedi. Teresa thinks Phasma should keep that helmet on. New Mace Windu and Cassian & K-2SO comics have been announced. Aaron is forced to defend […]

  • 2nd Airborne Division
  • Celebrate! – SWBW #71


    Star Wars Celebration is only 2 weeks away! We just couldn’t contain our excitement, so we did a Celebration preview episode. If you are coming to Celebration, you can join us at our podcast meetup on April 15th. More info here. Teresa and Aaron will be wearing their Star Wars Bookworms t-shirts at the meetup. […]

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  • Chewbacca – SWBW #70


    We talk about the latest book news and review Marvel’s Chewbacca comic on this episode of Star Wars Bookworms. Star Wars Celebration is just around the corner, and we talk about some of our early plans. We discuss the upcoming Rogue One related book titles and other new Star Wars books. Chewbacca sets out on […]