Super Awesome Bonus Page

This is our super secret awesome bonus page where you can download all kinds of extras from the Star Wars Report archives.

It’s my goal to update this page on occasion with bonus content from us here at SWR, something  special for for our mailing list members.

  1. Ashley Eckstein’s bonus interview with Geeks Are Sexy from Star Wars reads day 2012: Direct Download  
  2. Excerpt from a staff meeting; Aaron, Mitchell and Riley discuss the Clone Wars Season 5 finale: Direct Download
  3. Mark Hamill at SWCVI. This is the full audio from his panel at Celebration 6: Direct Dowload
  4. This is My favorite bonus segment yet! This is a bonus interview that we did with Brian Brushwood. We talk about pretty much everything except Star Wars, and it’s awesome: Direct Download
  5. Bryan Young from Big Shiny Robot shares a very entertaining horror story about his journey to the first Star Wars Celebration:                                                                                       Direct Download:
  6. Mark and Riley break down their perspective on the Clone Wars: Lost Missions,
    Direct Download:
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