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The 2nd Airborne Division is simply The Star Wars Report’s Podcast Network. All the shows, one feed.

Gaming News from Star Wars Celebration- CCC Ep. 056

Nate and Michael discuss the gaming news coming out of Celebration Europe 2016


Tales of the Lairians #4- TWL

WampasLair_SquareOur fourth episode features the Tale of Ethan and some of his favorite aspects of the Star Wars universe!


The Wampa’s Lair podcast is available on iTunes! Be sure to subscribe, rate and review!


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Podcast: Celebration Europe Recap – SWR #232

Riley does a solo segment and then Mark brings on some awesome fellow SWR network podcasters on to recap the amazing #SWCE! All on this week’s episode of the STAR WARS REPORT!


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Aftermath: Life Debt— Ion Cannon #59

Join your hosts Tom, Stephen, William, and Amanda as they discuss “Life Debt,” the second novel in Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath trilogy set shortly after Return of the Jedi

Ion Cannon

The Ion Cannon Podcast is your source for entertainment reviews from a galaxy far, far away, including Rebels, the sequel trilogy, spin-off films, and more.

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Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space: The Steal – A Beyond the Films Review

Star Wars Beyond the Films‘ Nathan P. Butler is now posting short, non-spoiler reviews for many new releases. Spoiler-filled discussion will often follow in the weeks or months thereafter on the podcast. 


Adventures in Wild Space: The Steal by Cavan Scott (softcover, 2016)

The Steal is book #3 in Adventures in Wild Space, though technically the fourth entry in the series if one considers the essential prelude book, The Escape, from World Book Day. You can find my previous reviews of The EscapeThe Snare, and The Nest here on SWR.

It should also be noted that Adventures in Wild Space is a series currently exclusive to the UK and Ireland. However, a U.S. release is coming later this year. In that release, The Escape will be included in the first numbered book in the series, The Snare. Continue reading