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Rebels Returns By Finding Some Nostalgia

Review: Star Wars Rebels: The Lost Commanders

(Quick note: Welcome! Just so you know, this review is not so much a review of the episode, but a look at one or several aspects that I found interesting.)

Star Wars Rebels saw its return last week with its first (or second or third, depending on your philosophical bent) episode of the series, entitled The Lost Commanders. This episode sees the crew of the Ghost seek out some old codgers in the hope of gaining a list of safe harbours. What makes this particular episode stand out, however, is that those old codgers turn out to be none other than Captain Rex, Republic Commando Gregor (if you were drawing a blank, as I did, he’s the Commando who lost his memory and worked as a chef), and Commander Wolffe – characters hopefully well known to viewers of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

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Then And Now, The Phantom Menace and The Force Awakens


The Force Awakens inches ever closer with each passing day, and we the fans attack each piece of news like a ravenous wampa.  It’s surreal to see how much the hype and build-up for The Force Awakens is similar to the build-up to The Phantom Menace 16 years ago.

Right now we are all anxiously awaiting a new trailer for The Force Awakens.  Of course, in 1999 we didn’t have YouTube and internet video was still in it’s infancy.  I remember the agonizing wait as the trailers downloaded via Quicktime.  It took nearly 2 hours to download the 2 and a half minutes of Star Wars goodness over my dial-up connection and it was a video clip about the size of a postage stamp.  It was a great way to analyze the shots frame by frame though as we played each few seconds as they became available.

Most everyone went to go see the trailers in the theaters.  Didn’t matter what movie they were attached to, that was the film we were going to see.  Countless Star Wars fans helped boost the box office numbers for such cinematic classics as Meet Joe Black, Wing Commander, and the Waterboy.  Personally, I saw it as paying for the trailer and staying for the movie.


The Phantom Menace is a movie that has a lot of sentimental connections for me.  I remember coming home from class on the day the first teaser for The Phantom Menace premiered on TV.  My brother had recorded it while I was at school.  As soon as I walked in the door my brother said before I could even sit down “You want to see it?” and hit play on the VCR.

As I write this I’m jumping back and forth between this post and twitter, as my fellow fans and I wait for the new trailer to go up during Monday Night Football.  I am getting the same feelings and chills that I got from waiting for The Phantom Menace in 1999, except this time I can be much more comfortable on my couch as opposed to waiting for hours on an uncomfortable sidewalk.


One thing that has not changed is the sense of community.  In 1999, we all gathered in line at our local theaters a week before the movie opened to get our tickets.  Today, we are gathered together virtually, sharing our stories over twitter and facebook.  Online or in person, it doesn’t matter, the connections are still there.  We are all one big Star Wars family.

Rumor: Trailer 3 is coming October 19th?

Ok, this may be a bit of a reach, but senior writer for EW and unofficial arm of the Lucasfilm PR army Anthony Breznican just posted the following tweet:

This seems to be a less than subtle hint that something big enough to “clear his schedule” coming. That thing? I think it must be the 3rd trailer! Think about it. This is also the same day tickets for the film go on sale so it makes perfect sense from a marketing perspective.


Review: The Secret Academy by Jason Fry

Review: Star Wars: Servants of the Empire: The Secret Academy by Jason Fry (or, Hogwartier Than Ever)

Before we begin, I wish for you to know that there will be spoilers. Not great ones, but still; spoilers in recap for the previous books. Minor spoilers for this book. Potential spoilers for series 2 of Star Wars: Rebels and potential spoilers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Ye be warned.

Ye be warned.

And might I add: whoah boy. Star Wars: Servants of the Empire: The Secret Academy by Jason Fry and published by Egmont, is the culmination of a four book series, following the lives of our heroes Zare Leonis and Merei (she has a last name, but none is required), and what a culmination indeed.

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Review: Where’s The Wookiee?

Review: Where’s The Wookiee? (or, Plenty Of Wooks, Nary A Wally In Sight)

Star Wars: Where’s the Wookiee? is a ‘search and find’ activity book published by Egmont UK. Not familiar with that phrasing? I wasn’t, either, but a quick look at the front will tell you all you need to know: It’s Where’s Wally? in Space! Or Tatooine. Or Hoth. Or the Death Star – which is actually in space, so I was somewhat right! Also it’s not Wally you’re looking for, but Chewbacca. Okay I was somewhat wrong.


Perhaps it is derogatory to say ‘it’s Where’s Wally? in space’, in the same way that is colloquially meant when someone says ‘it’s just X but in Y’. But I genuinely don’t mean it to be, and hope it isn’t taken that way – both because, well, it’s an accurate descriptor/helpful shorthand, and because I love Where’s Wally? (or ‘Where’s Waldo?’ as it is called in the US and Canada, I’m given to understand). Continue reading