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The EU Lives on as Legends

mill__jkt_all_r1.inddGreetings Fandom, it is I, the Defender of the EU, Champion of the Multi-verse, and currently Bi-Polar Star Wars Fan Mark Hurliman. I come before you today after having spent yesterday and last night marinating in the new knowledge that the Fate of the EU is known. And while some may say it’s dead, or that it’s relabeled, and others still say it never counted, I say it’s reborn. Set free. No longer shackled to a universe that would deny it.

What am I talking about? Well in case you’ve been hiding from rumors and such, or been camping, or away from the internet, the sky has fallen.

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Closing a Chapter – An Expanded Universe Eulogy

I must confess, watching the Star Wars Expanded Universe past present and future video on yesterday left me with the impression that it was a sort of eulogy.

An era of Star Wars is over.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how despite the elation of having new Star Wars films coming to theaters, and the Star Wars saga continuing on in the ownership of a new company, that sacrifices will be made, and now have been made. What was previously known as the “Expanded Universe” will now be placed under the “Legends” banner and will not be the blueprint for the future of the franchise.

I must say, almost anyone could have seen this coming, however it is still sad nonetheless. I think that Lucasfilm and Co. did a the best job they could have done making this transition. I felt the announcement was made with respect to the old universe, and I’m pleased that they’ll be borrowing from the old EU going forward.

End of an Era

I’ve never really considered myself a Star Wars EU fan, as much as simply a Star Wars fan in general. There elements of the EU that I’ve always enjoyed, but I’ve never thought of the EU as my primary expression as a Star Wars fan. However, after watching the video in the press release, I realized just how much of the EU I’ve really loved as a fan. While the post Return of the Jedi era Expanded Universe novels never fully captured my imagination in the way that it did many fans, I did really enjoy stories such as Knights of the Old Republic, the Force Unleashed, Shadows of the Empire, and many other novels, books, comics, & video games.

Even the most ardent film purist must admit to the enormous impact that the Expanded Universe and its many incarnations had on the Star Wars franchise, and the Star Wars fan community.

-Riley Blanton – Twitter

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From the Star Wars Library is a YouTube video series by Star Wars Beyond the Films and Rebels Roundtable podcaster Nathan P. Butler. Launched in October 2012, the series is designed to examine Star Wars Expanded Universe novels, comics, and related materials in U.S. publication order. Part educational series, part showcase for a personal collection: all Star Wars Expanded Universe goodness.

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FTSWL Ep. 0 – Introduction

The First Time I Saw The Clone Wars

I’ll never forget. It was 2008, and I really wanted to see the season 1 premiere of Star Wars: the Clone Wars.

This was at a time in my life when Star Wars had just come back on to my radar as a result of my discovery of the online fan community. Specifically, my discovery of the podcast that the Galaxy listens to, the Forcecast, (now Rebelforce Radio.) The idea of Star Wars returning to, even the small screen, was something that excited me very much at that time.


Little did I know that a mere four years, and some change later, I would be podcasting about the return of Star Wars to the big screen (but that’s a story for another day.) Sadly, I was presented with a problem. I didn’t have cable television.

No Cartoon Network, no nothing. In fact, I had no idea that they would even post them to,  so I was faced with a great dilemma. There are times in one’s life when one is faced with a great and terrible choice that will forever alter the destiny of said individual. Now in that young teenagers mind, the choice of how to watch the Clone Wars may have posed a possibly similar and equally confusing dilemma. But I was desperate, & I was also resourceful.

Not having a driver’s license at the time, I personally didn’t have any way to travel to a place that might air the episodes, but I did know of such a location. That location was the “game room” on the Bryan College campus in Dayton Tennessee.

Fast forward a few hours: my plan had formulated, & I was ready to execute. There I sat in the passenger seat of the family minivan on my way to the Bryan College campus to watch the premiere episode entitled: “Ambush” with my far too gracious and understanding, dearly beloved mother, who graciously gave me a ride to watch Yoda disperse his great wisdom to those clones in that first episode.


I would never look back.

-Riley Blanton

Stay in touch!

Ewok Love is Everywhere


I can remember a time when the Ewoks were a species that no on really liked in Star Wars fandom. However, these days it seems that to find someone who does not like the Ewoks is rather difficult. I have been pondering how this change occurred and it dawned on me thanks to my friend Aaron Goins that the kids who loved the Ewoks are now adults. When you are a kid you don’t have as loud of a voice as when you are and adult and that is an injustice in and of itself. These days though since we are all the kids who loved the Ewoks we use our blogs, podcast voices, social media voices to spread our love for Ewoks.

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