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Awesome written content

Star Wars Episode VII: Construction begins at Pinewood?

Our friends at Jedi News have uncovered news from a very trusted source that a “filming location deal was signed a couple of months ago and studio space and facilities have been block booked for the next ten years at Pinewood Studios.”

10 years? That’s a long time. I’d even venture to speculate that this points to plans beyond just episodes VII, VIII, and IX. Production of those three films might last as long as 7 years, certainly not 10. Continue reading

The Clone Wars Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Pre-Order on Amazon

Rather rather buy your copy online instead of visiting Target on October 15?

Amazon now has listings for The Clone Wars Season 5 blu-ray and Seasons 1-5 Collector’s Edition blu-ray sets now up for pre-order.


Three Things About the Celebration Announcement

As Celebration Europe drew to a close, the next Celebration was announced: Yes, the next Celebration would be back in the United States and would be leaving Orlando, FL for Anaheim, CA. The dates were also announced as April 16-19th, 2015.

Aside from my general fanboy excitement, there were three main things that I saw when I heard this announcement: Continue reading

SWCEII: The Hasbro Panel Recap

This was one panel I had planned on waking up early for but unfortunately sleep kept me in bed. When I woke to the awesome coverage by Star Wars Action News I began to realize that sleep was the better choice. I did not expect them to reveal anything major but I had hoped they would reveal some new items. Unfortunately the panel was a bit of a let down. Many of the things they shared were things previously shared with fans at San Diego Comic Con. Here is a brief run-down of the panel: Continue reading