Expanded Universe (Legends) Timeline / EU Primer

Simply put, Star Wars Timeline Gold is the result of over 15 years of dedication to learning what happened when, in the Star Wars Saga. Nathan P. Butler, writer of Star Wars Tales #21: Equals & Opposites, as well as host and EU Guru of Star Wars Beyond the Films, has been tirelessly compiling notes, and cross referencing facts as he compiles the largest and most accurate Star Wars Timeline on the internet to place at your disposal. If that wasn’t enough, he also made the EU Primer audio resource below to make the EU more accessible to new fans, or even those who might need to brush up on a series, but don’t want to re read the novels.

And for you The Clone Wars fans- we have a Chronological TCW Episode Guide for you too!

Now let’s take a minute to talk accessibility shall we, the Star Wars saga, or Expanded Universe (EU) as many are fond of calling it, is as Nathan likes to say ‘a vast space fantasy that spans the rise and fall of powers and principalities over the course of over 36,000 years.‘ We understand why some would say the EU feels inaccessible.’ Heck, Nathan does a better job of describing the purpose of the EU Primer, take it away Nathan.

Luckily, newcomers to the saga’s Official Continuity do not need to know every aspect of this long and varied history. Instead, general knowledge of a series of key events can help a new reader get off on the right foot without being too confused by the scope of it all.

So for fans new to the Star Wars Saga, or those who’ve been around since the birth of the Galaxy Far, Far Away, these ARE the resources you’re looking for, just follow the links and enjoy. And as always; May the Force be with you.

SWEUP #1 – Before the Prequel Era
SWEUP #2 – The Prequel Era
SWEUP #3 – The Empire: Rising and Striking Back
SWEUP #4 – Birth of a New Republic
SWEUP #5 – The New Jedi Order and Beyond

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