TFA Triangle Table Discussion- TWL #164

WampasLair_SquareKarl is joined by special guests Joe Hogan and Jazz Rathore as they sit down to break down the TFA some more!

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The Last Padawan (Kanan Part 2 of 2) – SWBTF #192

Remember when Kanan Jarus was a Jedi Padawan named Caleb Dume? Before Order 66 turned his life upside down and left him on the run and hunted. Learn all about his fateful last days as a Jedi, and so much more! All on the next Star Wars Beyond the Films. YOUR Star Wars discussion podcast! YOUR Podcast of Legends! YOUR ticket to that Galaxy far, far away! Your Fandom lies Beyond the Films.

This week true believers, Beyonders, Fanboys, Fangirls, respected aliens around the galaxy, The Champion of the Multiverse; Mark Hurliman, and your Count of Continuities; Nathan P. Butler are joined by the original Rebels Roundtable mastermind, Jonathan Brenner, as they sit down to discuss part two of their Kanan: The Last Padwan coverage. So strap in and tighten your crash webbing Fandom, Star Wars Beyond the Films is setting off on another rapid-fire trip into the galaxy far, far away!Kanan1

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Bethany Blanton joins us to talk The Force Awakens and The Holidays – CCC Ep. 032



This week we are joined by The Star Wars Report’s very own Bethany Blanton! This episode is packed with fun conversation and analysis as Bethany gives her thoughts on The Force Awakens.



In this episode Bethany recounts her experience of seeing The Force Awakens for the first time and what her favorite and most interesting parts were. We also discuss what it was like having Star Wars for the holiday season. This is one episode you really shouldn’t miss scoundrels so strap in because we are making our approach at lightspeed!


Podcast: Did our TFA Predictions Come True? – SWR #204

Riley is joined by long-time friend of the program Mark Newbold! Be sure to check out the brand new Jedinews Network of podcasts!

New Hope

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This week’s topics include:

  • Riley reunites Aaron Goins, Hurliman and Newbold on the show!
  • We talk about all of our TFA Predictions
  • Riley is hilariously wrong
  • What TFA moments moved us to tears?
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Review: Star Wars Before The Awakening

Review: Star Wars Before The Awakening (or, Star Wars Asleep)

Star Wars: Before the Awakening by Greg Rucka, published by Egmont, is a collection of three short stories, with each centred around our new Big Three of Finn, Rey and Poe. As such, I thought it best to focus on each story, as is, rather than review the book as a whole (though I will do a little of that).

PLEASE NOTE: There will be mild spoilers of the book, and due to the nature of the stories, these ought to be treated as spoilers for the film, as well. THIS IS YOUR FINAL SPOILER WARNING. Continue reading