On Rebels, They’re All Fine Here Now, Thanks. How Are You?

This is not a full review; we don’t do that kind here. Instead we take a closer look at one or two itty bitty pieces. Written under the assumption that you’ve seen the episode, and as always BIG WHOPPING SPOILERS (for the show and one for The Force Awakens if you haven’t seen it) from here on out.

Well. That was certainly a thing that happened. Rebels series two has finally come to an end in the double episode entitled Twilight of the Apprentice, a title that had already set curious tongues wagging and is likely to spawn many more debates over just which apprentice it means. Well indeed.

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TFA Bluray Has Arrived – CCC Ep. 045

Michael finally gave in and has bought the season pass so he and Nathan go into some more detail about the current state of Battlefront. Further they get pumped for “Rebellion” the new tabletop/board game coming from Fantasy Flight Games, Then they ponder about the future of Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars RPG games.  Then in honor of The Force Awakens home video release the boys discuss picking it up from the various retailers.


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Loungefly Star Wars Sale through April 8th

Our friends over at Loungfly sent us this info about their special Star Wars sale going on right now:

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Giveaway: Win The Attack of the Clones 2XLP Vinyl Soundtrack!

We’re pleased to announce a giveaway of the 2xLP gatefold colored vinyl release of the original motion picture soundtrack to Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones available now at the  I Am Shark online store.

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Originally released alongside the movie in 2002, the original motion picture soundtrack to Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones’ 13-track score from legendary composer John Williams has been remastered to maximize the recording’s dynamic range. Continuing with I Am Shark’s innovative variant character color coordination, which saw the vinyl release of the Episode I soundtrack come in 5 different variations, the upcoming vinyl release of the Episode II soundtrack premieres fan favorite Jango Fett’s own colored vinyl pressing (Silver / Transparent Royal Mix). Aside from beautifully colored vinyl and the eye catching imagery featured on the gatefold packaging, there are hints of a hidden surprise included in this album.