Rogues, Rebels, Celebration- TWL #191

WampasLair_SquareKarl and Jason discuss the Rogue One sizzle reel, the Rebels Season 3 trailer, and the Ahsoka panel which came out of Celebration Europe this past week!


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Examining the Rogue One Celebration Reel

NOTE: A very small “spoiler” ahead from the teaser trailer shown exclusively to the Celebration audience. I only remark on it to confirm the identity of a character seen in the reel.

Jyn Erso’s Homeworld

Galen-Jyn youngHere we see the planet where Jyn’s father, Galen Erso, is living. I believe this is likely the first scene of the film.

Galen is a scientist who is wanted by the Empire and the rebels. He created something very powerful and now regrets it, being compared to J. Robert Oppenheimer, a scientist who helped create the atomic bomb. It is likely that Galen created a key component that is used in completing the Death Star’s superweapon. Continue reading

Podcast: Live at Celebration Europe! – SWR #231

Anthony Breznican joins us for a spectacular joint show with Tricia Barr of Fangirls Going Rogue! We break down all the awesomeness happening at Celebration Europe live from the One Force stage! This and more on this week’s episode of the STAR WARS REPORT!


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Take a 2nd Look – A Shot by Shot Rebels Season 3 Trailer Breakdown

R (1)Over the Lucasfilm logo we hear lightsabers ignite, Darth Vader breathing, and Ezra yelling Ahsoka’s name, immediately evoking the end of Season 2 and the mysterious fate of Ahsoka.

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No Fan Left Behind


As you read this, Star Wars Celebration Europe has ended.  The biggest Star Wars event of the year has wrapped, secrets were revealed and we all collectively geeked out over the latest news coming from Lucasfilm and Star Wars.

Now, I was not able to attend Celebration Europe.  I’m sure the majority of the people reading this were not able to attend either.  Even though we couldn’t be there, the fans and Lucasfilm have done a fantastic job of making sure that we all felt like we were included.  Ever since my first Celebration, I’ve tried to follow the idea of “No fan left behind.”  An idea that I will try to share my experiences and what I’ve seen with those who could not make it.  Lucasfilm’s fantastic coverage through and social media has helped with keeping all fans involved.


Attending an event like Celebration, it’s simply impossible to see everything.  The online coverage helps those of us at home and those who couldn’t make it to everything on the convention floor. Continue reading