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Christmas in the Stars – Christmas Fortuna

The the “Christmas in the Stars.” collaboration continues! I’m so glad to be working with so many good friends from around the Star Wars fan-site community. Over the next few days there will be a short, daily guest blog post about a favorite Star Wars memory from a friend of us here at the Star Wars Report. We continue with “Christmas Fortuna,” a story from Bryan Young of Big Shiny Robot!


-Riley Blanton – Founder, Exective Editor – starwarsreport.com


Christmas Fortuna

When I was young, whenever I’d be asked what I wanted for Christmas, I’d always say, “Star Wars stuff.”  It didn’t matter what it was, as long as it had a Star Wars logo on it, I’d be great. The first time I unwrapped something Star Wars at Christmas was in 1985, two years after Return of the Jedi. Finding Star Wars toys in that era was impossible and my mother had warned me that getting Star Wars stuff for Christmas didn’t seem likely. Continue reading