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Two Reasons to Buy The Lost Missions Blu-Ray (Plus Giveaway)

Note: To win your very own copy of Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Lost Missions simply follow @StarWarsReport and tweet us who your favorite Clone Wars character is and why! Contest ends 11/13/2014 at midnight (tonight)!

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Ok, I may have already given away in my thoughts on the Lost Missions in the headline of this article, but seriously, you need to go out and buy the Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Lost Missions [Blu-ray] through our Amazon link today!

  1. The quality of the visual effects in simply astounding. The Clone Wars Team truly achieved film quality effects on the small screen. Weather it’s Yoda’s visit to the erie planet of Moraband, or the incredible “Evil Yoda” sequence, you see a dedication to cinematic storytelling unlike anything before.

  2. The exclusive “Clone Wars Declassified” documentary that comes with the set is incredibly insightful. It gives an inside look into the final chapter of the creative process for the Clone Wars team. “Clone Wars Declassified” give us a glimpse of just how tight-knit the team at Lucasfilm was as well as how involved George Lucas was in the creative process. It becomes obvious just how much Lucas passed on to Filoni as a filmaker.

I give The Lost Missions 5/5 glasses of blue milk! More info after the jump!


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Star Wars Celebration Europe Day One Recap

First we have the Secrets of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Panel Highlights. Huge shout out to Star Wars Underworld who live tweeted it:

Beyond 3D – SWBTF #10

Welcome back to Star Wars Beyond the Films!

This week The Defender and The Guru of our beloved EU (Mark & Nathan) tackle Star Wars in 3D and the viability of 3D in general. Is it a gimmick? Is it the next phase of the evolution of film as we know it?

They discuss the Nintendo 3DS, 3D movies, Glasses free 3D, Real D vs Dolby, 3D vs HD vs Blu-Ray; is theater a dying breed in terms of visual picture quality and overall social experience? Effects on 3D: are they so special? Do they give you a headache?

Was the 3D utilized to it’s fullest? Or should George and co. have added to the fight scenes to maxamize on 3D gimmickry? Or is it too soon after the latest round of additions in the Blu-Ray?

Should Star Wars games like PS3 Move and Star Wars Kinect utilize the 3D technologies? Where’s the Rogue Squadron: New Jedi Order game?! Or Battlefront 3? Should Lucasfilm’s energy perhaps be devoted somewhere else?

Opinions run rampant as the discussion twists and turns more times then Boba Fett’s backstory, with 3D and so much more!

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