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The Prisoner of Yavin – SWBW #15

Reviews this episode
Dawn of the Jedi: The Prisoner of Bogan (comic volume)
Star Wars: In the Shadow of Yavin (comic volume)

It’s November and it’s starting to get cold outside (depending on where you live). Now is the time of year to snuggle up and read a book… or listen to a podcast about books.

In this 15th episode of Star Wars Bookworms we welcome blogger and first time podcast guest Megan. She writes for fansites Fan Girl Blog and Knights’ Archive as well as her own blog Blog Full of Words.

At the top of the show Teresa asks Aaron and Megan about their time at New York Comic Con. Aaron and Megan do their best to make Teresa jealous by mentioning all the cool people they got to meet. You know, they just had dinner with John Jackson Miller. No big deal. The news revealed at the Rebels panel is also discussed.

In response to some listener feedback Aaron and Megan talk about their personal EU fandom and what were the first things they read (Teresa had to briefly drop out but her answer can be heard in the bonus content at the end of the show). Aaron also asked Megan what her hopes are for the future of the Expanded Universe.

Teresa rejoins the show to help review the comic volume Dawn of the Jedi: The Prisoner of Bogan. Are the characters too one-dimentional? Is Shae Koda a stereotypical “strong female”? Is Aaron becoming a shipper? All this and more is discussed.

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Purge Targets – SWBW #12

Reviews this episode
Purge (comic volume)
Agent of the Empire: Hard Targets (comic volume)

Bookworms is back with your hosts Teresa and Aaron. On this episode they bring in Mark Hurliman of the Star Wars Beyond the Films podcast to talk some comics.

Before they tackled the reviews though, they had some feedback from a listener to share. Listener shazbazzar sent in an email with his thoughts on Crucible, Mortis, the Expanded Universe, and Episode VII which led to some fun discussion on all topics.

Then our hosts jumped right into their review of the Purge comics, covering each of the 4 storylines individually. Aaron, Teresa, and Mark had varying opinions on which stories they enjoyed and which ones didn’t work for them.

And why doesn’t this guy have a mouth?

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Is Boba Fett Dead? – SWBW #3

This is part 2 of our 2-part March episode.  So if you missed part 1 you can find that here.

In this episode we are lucky to still have guest James Floyd from Club Jade and Big Shiny Robot to help us discuss in detail the Blood Ties comics. When I say in detail I mean it.   Continue reading

A Wampa Stands Alone- TWL Discussion Video #4


Join Karl and Jason for their latest video discussion where they talk about the recent announcement of at least two confirmed stand alone Star Wars movies. Giving both their reactions to the news and who they would like to see in these stand alone films, your hosts dive into this whole new frontier of Star Wars movie making.

1313 Nomo Fett – SWBTF #24

Welcome back to Star Wars Beyond the Films!

On this episode your hosts Nathan and Mark discuss the latest in Star Wars, particularly the news about 1313.

What do we know? And what did we think we know?

Pop Block: Is the snapping neck the Mature theme coming into play? And is that something we’ve been gearing towards with SW Games since Episode 3?
CT 1313: Boba used this id during the Boba Fett Junior novels.
Mark and Nathan look at other games that could be similar to 1313, starting with Bounty Hunter.
Is Fett the Superman of the SWEU?
Nathan calls Fett a Jedi… Mark ponders if regular individuals are more attuned to the Unifyin Force.

EUCantina recently covered the 1313 preveiw courtesy Brien Bell, and this week’s episode the guys use Gametrailer videos to geek out.
Interior ship combat game-play is amazing, the detail, the game-play, the adventure! Nathan explains “in engine” and what that means, and how it applies to 1313. Will it be PC? Nathan explains how we shouldn’t bet on it only being PC. Can the current gen consoles handle this game? Or is it being built for the next gen console’s sequels? This all leads Nathan to run down the processing power of the next gen consoles and how that applies to our gaming excitement, as well as what “porting over” means. Nathan shares his inner gamer, while Mark outs himself as a gamer who fell off the couch.

Combat walkthrough with commentary: Looks like the ship the guys are on gets breached and the droids are stealing cargo.
Dark and gritty: what will that mean for the game?

Both hosts are really excited about the story set in the game Star Wars: 1313, the depths of Coruscant explored.
Is Force free or Force full the way to go in Star Wars games?

Ship crash game-play: Woah, no way should regular beings (aka non Force sensitives) be doing that! The Force is obviously with them.  Again the graphics and the depth of the scenery jump right out.
Is 3rd person good or bad in this setting? Should they have the option of 1st? Imagine this game in 3D!!! Nathan’s already drooling, and sees a lot of parallels with the game Uncharted. Mark asks the listeners a gaming question. Oooh, interactive PODCASTING!!

Navigation cinematic: The depth in the footage is just insane. This is Sparta! I mean Coruscant.
Anyone know when this game is set? This sets Mark off onto a rant. Star Wars 1313 could play a lot like Republic Commando.

Your hosts also discussed an E3 debut interview, and the game’s Mature rating. Is this due to the hands on way of dealing with the enemy? Some games are rated T with as much violence as we have seen thus far. No naked Twi’leks please. This may be the closest to a Call of Duty or other military style game in the franchise so far, a Battlefront of the new era, perhaps?
Mark confesses his secret evil….
All this and more on this week’s episode of Star Wars Beyond the Films!

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