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Dave Filoni Willing to Helm Star Wars Spin Off




In an interview with /Film, Dave Filoni stated he would be willing to Helm Star Wars Spin Off film. Dave is such an amazing ambassador to SW fandom. This would be fantastic news.


/Film: For the next few years, you obviously are concentrating on Star Wars Rebels. But is a Star Wars spin-off movie something you’d want to do? Would you want to get in line to direct whether it be a Rebels movie or some random spin-off movie 10 years down the road?

Dave Filoni: Oh, of course. That’s a selfish thing to say, but of course. I mean, if I were to get an opportunity like that A, I wouldn’t turn it down. B, I would see it as a great honor to do it. And I would apply all my Jedi knowledge to doing it as best I can. When I see these spin-offs happening, I’ve got definitely more than a few ideas of things that I would love to see finished and some things that makes them, I think, personally great stories.

Via /Film

-Riley Blanton

Clone Wars Seasons 1-6 CD Soundtrack Coming According to Kevin Kiner

As a fan of “the Wars,” there are few things I get more excited about than the release of the musical score. I will devour any SW music I can get my grubby paws on. So imagine my excitement to hear the possibility that Lucasfilm and Co. are FINALLY releasing a soundtrack for the 6 seasons of the Clone wars!


Remember the score of the s05 finale? Remember? Take my money.

Via Star Wars Underworld

-Riley Blanton

Order 66 Arc (or RFRN Lives!) – RR Prelude #1

It’s the beginning of Rebels Roundtable and an encore for Republic Forces Radio Network as the team checks out the Order 66 arc of The Clone Wars in this Rebels Roundtable prelude episode.


Republic Forces Radio Network lives! Well, sort of . . .

As The Clone Wars reached the end of Season 5, the team behind Republic Forces Radio Network (a Venganza Media podcast) began pondering the future. While the show would not continue through Venganza (because, let’s face it, committing to a years-long podcast series when already committed to a lot of shows is not something to be taken lightly), many members of the podcast team were interested in continuing the RFRN tradition in covering Star Wars: RebelsBy the third quarter of 2013, the plan was cemented: Johnathan, Nathan, Jen, Berent, and Dan would return for a new Rebels-based podcast, and the seats vacated by members who are not returning would be filed by Mark, Nathan’s co-host from Star Wars Beyond the Films, and other guests from within The Star Wars Report’s 2nd Airborne Division podcast network. The new show, The Star Wars Report: Rebels Roundtable was formally announced and launched with rebelsroundtable.com and social media in November 2013, just as the RFRN team returned to The Clone Wars film in the final regular episode of that podcast.

Of course, before Rebels could be born, The Clone Wars had one last hurrah in store with the new Season 6 content released on Netflix. That meant that we would have the chance to engage in an unusual transition process to move from RFRN to RR (as we’re tending to abbreviate Rebels Roundtable).

What you see here is the first of those transition episodes, a sort of Rebels Roundtable “prelude” series, simultaneously released in the old RFRN podcast feed as bonus “encore” episodes of that earlier show. These prelude episodes feature the Rebels Roundtable team (with the bonus presence of RFRN regular Jerry) taking on each arc of The Clone Wars: The Lost Missions, beginning with this episode’s coverage of the episodes The UnknownConspiracyFugitive, and Orders.


(Order 66 explained? Not so much? What does the team think of the revelations in this arc, and has clone-lover Jen’s head exploded yet?)

For those of you who are already excited for the new podcast and making the jump over from the old RFRN feed, we will also have some exclusive new content for you that can only be found in the new Rebels Roundtable release paths (our RSS feed, iTunes, and this website). This exclusive content is a series of short interviews, conducted by The Star Wars Report‘s Riley and later Rebels Roundtable’s Nathan with each member of the Rebels Roundtable team. These one-on-one discussions are designed to introduce (or re-introduce) each panelist to the audience, focusing on aspects of their own Star Wars fandom.

Welcome to the Rebels Roundtable prelude and the bonus episodes of Republic Forces Radio Network. Thank you for joining us as the RFRN team is born anew for a new era of Star Wars cartoons.

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Clone Wars: The Lost Missions – SWR #124

This week’s episode is brought to you by Big Bad Toy Store!

On this week’s podcast, Pete Morrison joins me! We talk about the latest casting rumors, and all about the Clone Wars: The Lost Missions.


And more!

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