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Justin Aclin Interview – SWBW #9

In this first of hopefully three August episodes we had the pleasure of interviewing The Clone Wars comic writer Justin Aclin. Justin was the writer for the two recent The Clone Wars comic digests Defenders of the Lost Temple and The Smuggler’s Code.

You can hear our reviews of these comics in episode #4 and episode #8 of Star Wars Bookworms.

We talk with Justin about his personal fandom and how he got into writing Star Wars comics. We also dig into his stories and get some great answers about characters, artwork, and story decisions.

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Star Wars Celebration Europe Day One Recap

First we have the Secrets of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Panel Highlights. Huge shout out to Star Wars Underworld who live tweeted it:

They’d Be Crazy To Follow Us- TWL #52

Join Karl and Jason in their latest episode as they discuss their top 5 chase scenes from the Star Wars films and the Clone Wars! From the iconic asteroid field chase in Empire to the climatic and heart wrenching chase of Ahsoka in the series finale of the Clone Wars, no chase scene goes unchased in this fun episode!

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Does The Clone Wars make Episode II obsolete?

Among the diverse feelings of Star Wars fans, I am someone who is a fan of the overall saga, including all 6 films. I like the Original Trilogy better than the prequels and recognize much that is wrong with the newer films, but overall I enjoy watching them and think they are a positive edition to the overall saga. The prequels deliver a great story that is integral to the Galaxy Far, Far Away and that really makes the Original Trilogy movies more enjoyable by filling in the back story leading up to the second half of the saga.

That being said, among all six movies, Episode II was my least favorite. I still watch it when I (often) decide to go back through and watch the movies… it’s not like I have written it off completely, but it IS my least favorite. I think that in the end, while Episode II has some GREAT moments, it also has just as many HORRIBLE moments. For every adrenaline-pumping second of Yoda fighting, there’s a cringe-inducing second of Anakin and Padme’s awkward courtship. I used to say that Episode II was worth it for the exciting parts and for the actual plot progression it had, but lately I am beginning to think that The Clone Wars might be even MORE important to the saga than Episode II.  Continue reading

Before The Dark Times- TWL #49

In their latest episode, Karl and Jason are joined by special guest Michael Cohen from Frontlines: The Clone Wars podcast as they recap the final season of the Clone Wars tv series. They dive into what they loved and sometimes didn’t enjoy from the latest season of TCW. So sit back, relax and enjoy this lively discussion of all things CLONE WARS!