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  • Podcast: Luke’s Lightsaber’s Journey – SWT #29


    Riley is joined by writer and podcaster Bobby Roberts!  Star Wars Tonight is now available on iTunes! You can show your support of the Star Wars Tonight podcast by becoming a Patron at www.patreon.com/starwarsreport On Fridays, we’re recording a bonus 5th episode for our supporters at all levels! This week’s topics include: Everything We Learned From J.J. Abrams’ ‘Force […]

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  • Darth Plagueis Commentary: Chapters 8-11


    Darth Plagueis Commentary: Chapters 8-11 Who is still talking about the Darth Plagueis novel? We are! Here is our discussion of chapters 8-11.  For this part of the discussion Mark Hurliman of the Star Wars Report and Star Wars Beyond the Films podcasts joins me.  We also have a special guest, Mark’s father (Mark E) […]