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Fan Days!

Greetings everyone!

In case you’ve missed it, we’re here to tell you a bit about Fan Days!

Riley, Bethany, and staff member Aaron Goins will be attending this year, along with many other Star Wars fans and stars, writers and creators! Fan Days is a yearly Star Wars (although other franchises are represented) convention held in Texas, this year on October 8th and 9th. Fan Days, is, as it sounds, by the fans and for the fans! This will be mine and Riley’s first time attending, and we’re really looking forward to it! Below is the official press release, check it out and consider coming! I’ll keep you guys updated with further information!




Free signings during Star Wars-themed Fan Days


Star Wars fans are in for a special treat at this year’s Fan Days where at least half a dozen guests will offer free autographs. Tom Kane, the narrator and voice of “Yoda” on the Cartoon Network’s Star Wars: The Clone Wars, will sign Fan Days’ exclusive photos at no charge during the show Oct. 8 and 9 in the new 300,000-square-foot Irving Convention Center in Irving, Texas.

“We have a large, dedicated following of Star Wars fans at our shows, and offering coveted signatures for free is just our way of saying, ‘Thanks!’ to our many customers,” said Ben Stevens, co-producer of the show he started in 1994.

Also signing for free: Stephen Stanton, the voice of “Tarkin” in the Clone Wars series; Star Wars book authors Timothy Zahn and Aaron Allston; memorabilia collector and fan favorite Steve Sansweet; and Kyle Newman and Ernie Cline, director and writer, respectively, of the popular Fan Boys movie.

Fan Days also will feature a plethora of guests who helped create the Star Wars magic both on camera and behind the scenes. Topping the media guest list is actor Billy Dee Williams, best known among Star Wars fans for playing the roguish “Lando Calrissian” in The Empire Strikes Back (1980) and Return of the Jedi (1983). In a career that spans more than 50 years, Mr. Williams has logged an impressive array of roles in such movies as Brian’s Song (1971), Lady Sings the Blues (1972) and Batman (1989).

On the artists’ side, Fan Days welcomes living legend Jim Steranko, whose work as artist-writer on Marvel Comic’s S.H.I.E.L.D., Captain America and X-Men revolutionized the comics form. Mr. Steranko also is a musician, art director, magician, fire-eater, designer, publisher and filmmaker who has collaborated with Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola.

Also making a rare appearance is artist Herb Trimpe, co-creator of Wolverine. He’ll be joined by almost 40 artists, including at least two dozen specializing in Star Wars artwork. Among the latter are Spencer Brinkerhoff, Joe Corroney, Scott Harben, Tom Hodges, Lawrence Reynolds, Cat Staggs and Denise Vasquez.

Fans of the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars series also can meet actor George Takei. Although best known for his role as “Sulu” on the original Star Trek television and movie series, Mr. Takei crossed over into the Star Wars realm as the voice of “Lok Durd” on the The Clone Wars. Other Clone Wars voice actors appearing at the show are Catherine Taber, Ashley Eckstein, Jaime King and Meredith Salenger.

Among the guests who worked behind the scenes to bring Star Wars to life are sound editors/specialists Ben Burtt, who has worked for Lucasfilm and Pixar; Matthew Wood, who also provided the voice of “General Grievous” in Revenge of the Sith; and David Acord, whose current work includes The Clone Wars series.

Stunt man Dickey Beer also will appear, along with actors Peter Mayhew (“Chewbacca”), Alan Flyng (an Imperial Officer in Return of the Jedi) and Veronica Segura (“Corde” in Attack of the Clones).

Outside the Star Wars genre, Fan Days welcomes actors Julie Benz (Angel and Dexter) and Clare Kramer (Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

Attendees also are invited to an after-show party on Saturday night that will include a screening of the new comedy Hughes the Force, a costume contest, and a silent auction benefitting PKDcure.org. Admission to the party is free with show entry badge but limited to the first 1,500 people.

Fan Days tickets are available online through Sept. 15 and at the door. Admission to Fan Days varies depending on level purchased.

VIP passes ($75) give customers admission to the show 30 minutes prior to other ticket holders, first access to the autograph area, and first seating in the Q&A sessions. Passes are good Saturday and Sunday with a limited number available.

Priority passes ($40) also are limited in number, allow customers into autograph areas ahead of general admission, and are good Saturday and Sunday. One-day General admission is $20. Admission for children ages 5-12 is $5 when accompanied by a paid adult; children’s passes are good both days.

Hours for the two-day show are 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 8, and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 9. The Irving Convention Center, 500 W. Las Colinas Blvd., is at the intersection of SH114 and Northwest Highway in Irving, Texas.

For more information or to order advance tickets, please visit the website at www.fandays.com.


Media contact:

For more information, to schedule an interview or to obtain press passes, please contact Kathy A. Goolsby at k_goolsby@tx.rr.com.


Downloadable images for use in promoting Dallas Comic Con, including images from past C2 Ventures’ events, are available at www.scifiexpo.com/DCC/press-pix.html


About C2 Ventures:

C2 Ventures is a partnership of long-time STAR WARS fans Ben Stevens and Philip Wise. Since 2001, C2 Ventures has been the most trusted name in STAR WARS autographs, providing more authentic autographs to fans than any other provider worldwide. We produced the massive autograph program at the official STAR WARS Celebration II in 2002, Celebration III in 2005, Celebration IV in 2007, Celebration Japan in 2008 and Celebration V in 2010.

C2 Ventures continues to work closely with more than 100 celebrities from the STAR WARS Universe, including Mark Hamill, James Earl Jones, Carrie Fisher, Christopher Lee, Anthony Daniels and Samuel L. Jackson, to provide or produce special appearances at conventions and retail stores, authentic autograph signings on your product or our licensed photos, special events, exclusives, and more.


Dragon* Con! Monday – SWR #13


Our recap episode of Dragon* Con on Monday!

Monday started for us with the Music and Sounds of Star Wars panel! The panelists discussed a number of sounds in the original trilogy, including the Wilhelm scream, the different ways lightsaber sounds were made, etc. Riley and I sat next to Tracy of Club Jade and enjoyed some snark and some Star Wars! We also met Kelly of Big Shiny Robot! (Bryan Young of Big Shiny Robot was one of the panelists.)

Afterwords we attended a Battlestar Galactica panel called “On Your Feet Nuggets!” which was quite funny. Edward James Olmos led the crowd in his “So Say We All!” cry! (And we got it recorded this time!!) This is also where we said goodbye to Nanci, Lane and Shannon. =(

Then we went to the Order 66 panel, which was a sort of feedback panel for the Star Wars track of Dragon* Con. An after action review if you will. It was quite long, but very informative. I learned quite a bit about what being a member of staff at Dragon* Con would be like, and that most staff at Dragon* Con, even the security, are volunteers.

Afterwords I finished my walk through of the Marriott hotel. We also had, for the first time at Dragon*Con, time to browse for thirty minutes in the dealer’s hall! Yay! YAY!! Finally! Then we recorded our Monday recap episode.

I took various pictures of the hotel, the dealer’s room and Atlanta. I’ll put a few here, but look for a lot more on Facebook!

Below is the autograph hall (walk of fame) where the stars sat to sign autographs (or be interviewed) and take pictures with the fans.

Atlanta in the rain.

The dealer’s hall was amazing! I’m really glad we finally had time to browse if for a little while!

Our shirts that we bought at the con, my Her Universe wrist band, and our Club Jade wrist bands. Also our passes and 501st game badges.

This is our handy dandy bag that held our audio equipment! We had the recorder in it, and would pull out the mics when we interviewed someone or recorded a recap episode.

The Marriott hotel. It was quite amazing!

I hope you guys have enjoyed these daily recap episodes! We’ll have the interviews up soon, so look for them!

May the Force be with you!

- Bethany

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Dragon* Con! Sunday – SWR #12


Our recap of Sunday at Dragon* Con!

Our day started out with the Mythology, Philosophy, and Truth of Star Wars panel! We had a good time listening to Timothy Zahn and Gary Kurtz discussing all things “myth” in Star Wars.

Then we went over to the Her Universe booth!

Riley and I separated and I did most of a video walkthrough of Dragon* Con that I hope turns out and he attended a Battlestar Galactica fan panel that had Michael Falkner in it! We would have loved to have been at The One Ring.net’s panel about the Hobbit but by the time we got there it was too full. =( So, we left for the other hotel (the Hilton) and conducted a few interviews that we’ll release later.

Afterwords, we sat in for Tom Merritt’s Frame Rate panel.

Next was Ask the Authors! That panel was hilariously fun! I know that I’m kind of commenting like “Oh, that panel was fun, so and so was nice, that other panel was fun…” but we plan on doing a recap episode of Dragon* Con and you can expect more detail there. =)

Hmm, I just realized that Riley and I haven’t taken any pictures of each other we’ve been so busy! =/

In line for the next panel.

After that we went to the Battlestar Galactica panel Sometimes You Gotta Roll a Hard Six! This panel was also fun (see, I’m doing it again..) and at the very end Edward James Olmos led the massive crowd in screaming “SO SAY WE ALL!!!” at the very end! It was quite electrifying to be a part of! We did record this panel, but we didn’t catch that part because the moderator had just wrapped up and finished the panel when Mr. Olmos lifted up his mic and commanded the audience into thunderous tribute to the series and to everyone in the panel!

Then! A random creature. What is it guys? I have a feeling I should know…. sooo tired now though….

We went to NSFW’s (New Show Full of Win, or New Sauce for the Webernets) live podcast episode, and we learned quite a bit watching how they conducted their live show and looking at their equipment afterwords.

Then, our wonderful mother picked us up and brought us dinner! We drove home and our doggy raced in as mad as a hatter running circles around me until I stopped, hugged, kissed, and patted her, and put her on my lap. Now I’ll sleep.

Remember, many Bothan’s were sleep-deprived to bring you this podcast!

- Bethany

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Dragon* Con! Saturday – SWR #11


Our recap of Saturday at Dragon* Con!

After having difficulty with faulty mic cables late Friday night, we stopped at Radio Shack and bought new cables, which in turn made us a bit late for the annual Dragon* Con parade. Fortunately for us, the Star Wars portion of the parade was last in line!

Next we went to Meet the Stars of Star Wars panel with Ashley Eckstein, Carrie Fisher, Peter Mayhew and Temuera Morrison! That was a fun Q and A session and Riley recorded it so look for it soon! Check out Bryan Young’s post on it!

Then we went to a Smallville panel that Sam Witwer was on and enjoyed ourselves greatly! All of the panelists were very energetic and dynamic, they had great chemistry. Riley recorded the second half of this one, look for it later too!

And then, this really, exceedingly, cute, tiny Superman got to hug Laura Vandervoort!


After that we attended the Timothy Zahn Heir to the Empire panel! We had a ton of fun at this panel, and talked with some friends afterwords. =)

This is one of our recording set ups.

We also attended part of the Voice Acting panel!

Afterwords we conducted several interviews that we’ll post later, and then we recorded our recap episode and interviewed a few fans and cosplayers!  Below, that’s a person, not a statue!!

Thank you everyone who consented to being interviewed!

And we interviewed these ladies too!

And the long way down from the middle of the Marriot, not even the top!!!

May the Force be with you!

- Bethany

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Dragon* Con! Friday – SWR #10


Our recap of Friday at Dragon* Con!

Friday morning started out, for us, with a William Shatner panel! There was a long, snaking line to get into his panel, and Riley and I were able to get into an overflow room where we saw Mr. Shatner live on a large projector screen. William Shatner is quite a good story teller, he had the audience quite entranced!

Next we went to Meet the Fan Groups panel. There we met the fans. Did I mention meeting people, fans specifically?? =P

It was fun, we met and talked to most of the Star Wars costuming groups out there including the 501st, The Dark Empire, The Rebel Legion and The Mandalorian Mercs.

Have we mentioned that there are a lot of people at Dragon* Con?

We also attended a panel called Intro to the Expanded Universe. (Which, much to our amusement, was introduced as the Extended Universe.) It was discussed where one should start if starting in the EU for the first time.

Then we went to the Meet Jango, Ahsoka and Chewbacca panel!

There were a number of great costumes as usual!

Then my camera died. *sigh*

- Bethany

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