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Book of Sith – SWBTF #80

Book of Sith, Darth Bane, Darth Plagueis, Mother Talzin, Darth Sidious, and more, all on the next Star Wars Beyond the Films. YOUR Star Wars discussion podcast! YOUR ticket to the EU!

This week true believers, Beyonders, Fanboys, Fangirls, respected aliens around the galaxy, The Defender of the EU; Mark Hurliman, and your EU Guru; Nathan P. Butler, sit down to discuss Star Wars: Crucible. Strap in and tighten your crash webbing Fandom, Star Wars Beyond the Films is setting off on another rapid-fire trip into the galaxy far, far away!

Mark talks about his holocron hunt.

Nathan discusses a fandom reaction to Jedi Path when the ebook version released. As well as the differences between the hard copy and the ebook versions of Jedi Path, and how the ebook enhances the original experience. Nathan hope they do similar with Book of Sith somehow.

Mark mentions his Jedi credit from Jedi Path and how Her Universe should sell them and other Sithly trinkets.

The guys ponder other Sith who might have had their works lost and thus missed getting into the book. Sith like the Sith Emperor for instance. Though Mark points out the Sith Emperor has to be left out to leave the mystery of what happened to the Pure Bloods….. those who bred with the Dark Jedi. Originally we thought they were hunted down and killed, but in light of The Old Republic MMO we learn that the Pure Blood Empire thrived, in fact it was this Empire that Revan sought out to stop at the end of the first KotOR game. The same mystery could be said as to why we don’t see Darth Krayt show up. Or the book slipped out of that Galaxy before his time.

Mark points out how Dan Wallace is real slick with his Tuckerisms. In this case as seen in the image above Dan used The ForceCast’s Eric Geller.

They also talk about the next book in the line…

THE BOUNTY HUNTER CODE. They discuss some of the other potential books in the line we might one day see as well.

So, once again, your dynamic duo cover entirely too much Sith Secrets in their ONE hour, but don’t worry, give it a go; you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you might even get a little education on the EU while you’re at it. But no matter how you slice it and dice it, you’ll be having another adventure Beyond the Films. So sit back, hang on, enjoy the show, and may the Force be with you!

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Saga vs. Setting – SWBTF #13

Welcome once again to Star Wars Beyond the Films!

On this episode, your hosts Nathan and Mark debate whether the current approach to Star Wars publishing focuses on the broader overall saga with one through-line, or whether it uses the Star Wars universe as a setting for experimental storytelling in different forms and genres that don’t necessarily tie into the broader storylines (while certainly still being part of canon).

Is Star Wars sold to us as a saga, or not? Do fans prefer an overarching saga, or a mix in which you’d have an expansive universe with many different stories, but still tied in with the history of the universe and having a single continuity? Or would they rather go the extreme Marvel route and have multiple canons and stories?

Does continuity influence the fans viewpoints on Star Wars as a saga?

How do ‘one and done’ books tie into the overall saga? Books like Shadow Games, vs. books like those in the Fate of the Jedi series…. we may enjoy reading both, but which serves a greater continuity better? Perhaps more importantly, what direction will Star Wars publishing take in the future in regards to the different kinds of books? We’ve had many different types of standalones and series, trilogies and duologies that explore many different characters, places and stories. This could lead to believing that Star Wars is turning into more of a setting, with many different stories in it, and not just one saga about a set of characters and their offspring.

And, we mentioned this once before, but how hard must it be to write in the Star Wars universe, particularly if you aren’t very familiar with it! In the Book of Sith, Luke Skywalker makes a note saying: “The chronology of the Clone Wars is confusing.” and Dan Wallace, a Star Wars author, writes in his blog after quoting Luke on this: “Don’t I know it, brother!”

So which would you prefer? A saga, or a setting? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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