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This Is Madness! Round 1- TWL Discussion Video


Join Karl and Jason in their latest discussion video where they talk about the “This Is Madness” Star Wars character matchups on Starwars.com.  They discuss the results of Round 1 and make predictions as to who will advance past Round 2.

Be sure to take part in this fun bracket here: http://starwars.com/this-is-madness/index.html

Ordering the Saga- TWL Discussion Video #3


Join Karl and Jason as they discuss how they feel the saga should be presented to a first-time viewer in light of the news about the upcoming Sequel Trilogy!

A Whole New Discussion- TWL Discussion Video


Check out Karl and Jason’s first joint discussion video as they sit down to talk (face to face) about the news surrounding Harrison Ford’s possible return for the Sequel Trilogy as well as the news about Michael Arndt taking on the job as the screenwriter for Episode VII.