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Casting Legends – SWBW #23


Big movie and book news has been released since our last episode and we need to talk about it! We put together this special episode to briefly talk the Episode VII casting and to dig into the big Star Wars Expanded Universe news.

  • As our guest this episode we have Megan from Blog Full of Words and Den of Geek.
  • Episode VII casting. We give our thoughts on the return of the original actors and the fresh faces.
  • Finally! We get official word from Lucasfilm on the future of the EU.
  • What did Timothy Zahn have to say about the announcement and is he way off base?
  • Will new books and comics be bland? We discuss the possibility that the publishers will play it safe in order to keep things clear for future movies.
  • We give our initial thoughts on the four (now official canon) books announced.

A New Dawn

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Trek To The Lightside- TWL Discussion Video #4


Join Karl and Jason in their latest discussion video as they talk about all the exciting news with the selection of JJ Abrams to direct Episode VII.

Ordering the Saga- TWL Discussion Video #3


Join Karl and Jason as they discuss how they feel the saga should be presented to a first-time viewer in light of the news about the upcoming Sequel Trilogy!

Wampa’s Lair Special Report! – TWL #35


EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it! Karl and Jason sit down for a Wampa’s Lair SPECIAL REPORT to discuss the big news about George Lucas selling the rights of his beloved LucasFilm to Disney! Not only is LFL being added to a great company but the BIG NEWS is that it has been officially announced that Episodes 7,8, and 9 are going to happen! So join Karl and Jason as they share in their excitement over this incredible news!