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Rogue One Details Revealed – Everything You Need to Know!

It seems like an eternity since Rogue One was first confirmed and we’ve had almost no information to sate our appetites – thanks, in part, to a desire by Lucasfilm/Disney to minimize confusion between this and the Mission Impossible film, Rogue Nation. This ended when, a mere 2 months ago, we were treated to a sumptuous trailer – one that showcased a thankfully increasing trend in Hollywood. I speak of course of having a piano intro (the woman lead and diverse cast is a bonus). This ended this week when Entertainment Weekly dropped its Rogue One cover! Look at it, isn’t it magnificent?


*Sings* We’re all going on a summer holiday …

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EW Screening Return of the Jedi on May 4th

This news comes strait from the official site.

May the 4th is fast approaching, as is the landmark 30th anniversary of Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly‘s CapeTown Film Festival at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, California, you’ll be able to celebrate both at the same time.

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