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The Clone Wars Season 4 Episode 9 Review

Hello and welcome back to another review of Star Wars: The Clone Wars! This week, Fives, Hardcase, and Jessie disobey the sinister General Krell in order to destroy a Separatist supply ship in Plan of Dissent! This episode is the third episode in the “Umbara” arc and pretty much sets the stage for the end of the arc in next week’s episode.

Last week, the clones fought to take over an airbase, commandeering two Umbaran starfighters to help the advance. It was a dark, intense, and extremely fast paced episode. This week however, was a little different. Plan of Dissent had a very different mood than the rest of the episodes in this arc, but the danger still loomed over the heads of the clones. This episode was a good point in the arc for Rex, Fives, and the rest of the clones to think about their situation, and decide what they we’re going to do about it independently, rather than being on the move in the jungle with constant blaster fire around them. It gave us a good chance to see what actions specific clones took, even to the point of disagreeing with one another’s ways. This episode primarily revolves around Fives, our last survivor from Domino squad, who is now an ARC trooper. Fives believes in completely disobeying Krell, which he’s been suggesting since Krell arrived. Whereas Rex still seems to have at least a little faith in his oath, if not his superiors. When Rex is arguing with Fives about their oath, you could even see in Rex’s eyes his faltering trust. Rex seems to be thinking more of the long run, that soon enough Anakin will return and take charge again. But Fives wants immediate action, no matter the consequences. This creates a divide between Fives, Dogma, the clone who want to expose Five’s plan, and Rex who is somewhere in the middle and can’t decide between his men and his orders. This episode was a fantastic way to address the tension between the clones that has been going on throughout the arc.

Now that we are out of the wilderness of Umbara and inside a captured Umbaran base, there are plenty of interesting designs and technology that I thought I would mention. Firstly, there was a new ship design, I believe, for the supply ship. Certainly something we haven’t seen in Clone Wars before; I was thinking it could have detached straight off from one of the trade federation control ships, and come into the atmosphere, and though it might not be that at all, I’m glad they designed it like that so it would at least get me thinking. Another great design was the Hologram tech that the Umbarans use. Its cubic like nature reminded me a lot of the designs we saw on Cristophosis. And again, I must say, their starfighters are extremely awesome, especially now that the missiles they shoot are almost like an acid that just eats away anything it hits within seconds, a perfect fit for the exotic world they live in.

The end of this episode was quite tragic, not only did we lose Hardcase, who courageously blew up the supply ship, but now there is a possibility of Fives being executed by Krell in the next episode, which will bring this amazing arc to an end next week. I have a feeling though that Rex isn’t going to let Krell execute anyone. This wraps up our review for this episode! What did you think of Plan of Dissent, and how do you think this arc will end? Let us know by leaving a comment below! Thanks for reading, and may the force be with you…always!



The Clone Wars Review Season 4 Episode 8 Review

Hello and welcome back to another Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review! This week we’ll be talking about season 4, episode 8, The General. When Rex and the 501st are sent on a suicide mission by the relentless General Krell, the clones must find a better way to take an Umbaran airfield on their own without reinforcements, or the support of General Krell.

Just as the last episode ended, we start off with this episode in the midst of a battle. This time the clones fight not only Umbaran foot soldiers, but uniquely designed starfighters too, which look very sleek and are able to weave through the trees in a fashion that is very strange for a fighter. The designs make this episode so incredible! Everything from improving the environments we saw last week, to the new weaponry that the Umbaran people unleash on Rex and his men, this episode would not have worked at all if it weren’t for some of the unique tanks and other machines of destruction. I’m of course referring to the deadly and amazingly designed caterpillar type war machines that create one of the most suspenseful, action packed, and hectic battle scenes we’ve seen in The Clone Wars. And the fact that it was not another droid sent by the separatists is going to make me miss episodes like these that have original and unique features, and weaknesses, after we go back to the run of the mill battle droids.

This episode was a lot more centered on Captain Rex and his development over the course of the episode. He starts out with the attitude of following his oath, no matter what the cost, he knows “the price of victory”. He has a duty to his men, but overall he has his duty to obey his superiors, the Jedi. That is what he understands. But over the course of the episode, and especially because Rex stays behind with the men in the middle of a perilous fight against unbeatable odds while Fives and Hardcase go off to do the heroic stuff, I think Rex gained a better understanding of Krell’s wrongdoings and misguided tactics. He went along with Krell’s flawed plans uneasily in the first episode, and then went off plan in this episode by sending Fives and Hardcase to take over the starfighters, which saved a lot of clones and won the battle. I think from now on we’re going to see a Rex that will put his men before his oath, or even himself. It’s only a matter of time before Rex completely disobeys Krell. In the ending of this episode, we see Rex clench his fist when Krell mentioned “the price of victory” which meant that Rex is starting to lose his patience and trust in his general when it comes to mindlessly following orders. This brings us closer to a possible ending of the arc, whatever that may be.

On a side note, I also thought that the scenes of Fives and Hardcase saved this episode from being completely dark and depressing. Their witty humor and Hardcases, “hyperactive” trigger finger, created a nice break in between all the destruction and chaos. And not to mention the hilarious climax where we get to see them pilot the enemy starfighters, that had me laughing along with the clones. Definitely a highlight of the episode for me.

And that wraps up my review for The General! Overall, I thought this was the strongest episode of the season in almost every way. From character, to action, to design, it was all around a fantastic episode! Let us know what you thought of this episode by leaving a comment below! Thanks for reading and may the Force be with you… always





Clones to Face Execution for Disobeying General Krell.


Pete Morrison of Lightsaber Rattling brought to my attention that StarWars.com has brief character entries for The Clone Wars season 4 episode 9 Plan of Dissent and a synopsis that tells us a bit more about what may happen to our clone heroes.

Here’s the synopsis:

After the Republic conquers an Umbaran airbase, General Krell orders Rex and his men on towards the heavily fortified capital. Realizing there’s a better plan, several clone troopers disobey orders to carry out a rogue, covert operation.

Here’s the fortune cookie:

“The ignorant man follows, the wise man leads.”

Here are the various character entries:

For General Krell:

General Krell continues to devise costly tactics that risk the lives of the clones, despite being presented with seemingly safer alternatives. He refuses to listen to an idea proposed by Rex and Fives to destroy an orbital Separatist supply ship, instead sticking to his original plan of an overland assault.

For Captain Rex:

Clone Captain Rex is torn between his duty to follow orders, and his commitment to keeping his troops safe. General Krell’s commands seem to needlessly risk the lives of the 501st, and some of the troops are willing to defy orders to keep their brothers safe.

For Jesse:

The pragmatic Jesse has been studying the captured Umbaran starfighters at the airbase, for potential use in a covert, rogue operation.

For Hardcase:

Hardcase got a taste of the Umbaran starfighters when he stole one to provide much needed air support for the 501st troopers. Now, he’s getting the hang of the tricky fighters.

For Fives:

Fives has had it with Krell’s misguided command. He knows of a better alternative to capture the Umbaran capital, and will go to any length to carry out his forbidden plan.


Original post on starwars.com here.

I hope these episodes have happy endings, but I have a bad feeling about this…..


The episode synopsis for the remaining two episodes in the Umbara arc have been released on TV guides’ website! Below are the summaries, which contain some very interesting information about possible conclusions for the arc. (Beware of spoilers!)

The first is for episode 408, Plan of Dissent

“The clones disobey orders and plan to take out a supply ship in “Plan of Dissent.”

So, now we may see some rebellion to Krell’s leadership that has been hinted at throughout the arc. (Original article here) The second summary, and final episode of the arc, is episode 409, The Carnage of Krell.

“Rex stands up for his men, who face execution for disobeying Pong Krell.”

Wow! There are so many ways this could play out! Could we see the end of Krell, or perhaps the end of Rex? Since it says that Rex is trying to save his men, I’m guessing that Fives could also be executed. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see! (Original article here)



The Clone Wars Season 4 Episode 7 Review

Hello and welcome back to another review of Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 4! This week we’ll be talking about the first episode in the “Umbara” arc, Darkness on Umbara. The episode is very clone centered and brings up many interesting points, possibly even  foreshadows to order 66. Below are my thoughts on the episode.

When the Republic attacks the shadowy world of Umbara, Rex and the 501st are placed under the command of the legendary General Krell, a by the book, battle hardened Jedi, after Anakin has been called to Coruscant. The first fifteen minutes was what I’ve been wanting to see in The Clone Wars since Season 2, another full scale invasion. I was very impressed with how original it felt compared to some of the other landing sequences we’ve seen, mostly due to how hostile the environment itself is. With large, Sarlacc-ish creatures underfoot, and the clone’s visibility diminished by the hazy atmosphere, it put our characters in even greater danger than they were on Geonosis or Ryloth. What I liked about it were all the traps and looming dangers that we, and the clones, could not even expect coming. Another aspect that made this episode so great was the camera work, one shot in particular that was almost a first person perspective of a clone, which I can’t recall ever being used before in the show, and could symbolize the perspective we’re supposed to be viewing this arc from (hint: it’s the clones).

On a similar note, I thought the designs and lighting of this episode were very appealing for a battlefield setting. Everything from the environment, to the enemies they fought. (In which I was so glad they weren’t all droids; in my opinion the episode would just not have worked the same if they had fought only battle droids.) Also, the creatures seemed to have there own unique traits, and even Krell himself was very well done with a new, folding, double bladed lightsaber; they all seemed to match the mood perfectly. Another part of the design was the clone armor, which we have seen very little of this season. I was immediately blown away by the pictures we saw of Rex’s new gear in Pete’s last The Clone Wars Weekly Roundup. This was a great episode to introduce Rex’s, Fives’ and the rest of the 501st’s ROTS armor (could it possibly help foreshadow the events of the movie?).

This brings me to the most important part of this review, and the biggest question I have about the arc, its characters, and the impact. Is there a larger, more secretive motive by Krell than just being the most ruthless General in the order? It’s been hinted at in the episode by Fives, but is there any truth behind it? The first red flag I’ve got was in the very beginning, Anakin is sent back to Coruscant at the request of the Chancellor, could this be a plot created by Sidious himself? Could Rex be a danger to Sidious’s plan to turn Anakin? How is Krell involved? All I know is that there is something going on, and I have absolutely no clue how it will unfold, and this has only happened a few times in Clone Wars for me. Which is definitely a good thing.

I felt that Darkness on Umbara was Clone Wars tale-telling at its best. Even for an episode that’s just supposed to establish the story and set up later episodes, I would say that this is my favorite in season 4, so far. It had a great story, great animation, and great character. I liked that we did get to see some of season 2’s The Deserter shine in through Rex throughout this episode as he protects his fellow clones from the dangers of Umbara, and General Krell. Well, that wraps up my review for Darkness on Umbara! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave a comment below and let us at the Star Wars Report know what you thought about this episode! May the force be with you…always