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  • The Ever-Changing Han Solo


    Star Wars: Before and After The Force Awakens The Ever-Changing Han Solo shazbazzar For over two weeks, The Force Awakens has been rewriting history at the box office as ticket sales have catapulted Star Wars back to the front of the pack as it shatters records on its way to reclaiming the title of “Highest […]

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  • My Han Solo Story – A Fan’s Reaction to The Force Awakens


    The following is a guest contribution from our friend James Fuqua. Riley Blanton – Editor in Chief – Star Wars Report ——————————————————————————————————————————– My Reaction to a Certain Watermark Moment in The Force Awakens (Spoilers Ahead) Han Solo has always been my favorite character in the Star Wars galaxy. He represented a confidence and assertiveness that I’d always […]